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  1. Frustrated beyond repair with this... what is the magical key to making your car to a doughnut around a pole? I mean seriously... I hit the E-Brake and turn... give it gas and I spin out of control or fly right by. The same goes with the spin in one place thing. Is it the mechanics of this game or is there some secret combonation to make your car stick around the pole and to the ground when you do one of these? I have been trying for several days now... and between flying in, starting from a dead stop right at the pole, before the pole away from the pole and everything else in between... nothing is working! Please can somebody explain to me how to do this! I really love this game... but have given up on any Compound Challenges because they frustrate me beyond repair!
  2. O.K.!!! I finally got it! Here is what was so confusing for me. When you get the Treasure Map... it puts the marker for that Relic on the 3rd story hand railing of the elevator shaft. Also... there is only one camp to get into this place via Fast Travel... so I finally found a crack in the wall I could go thru that took me to close to the beginning of the level. The relic is there but hidden... and it shares the opposite side of the wall of the elevator shaft! PHEW!!! I am glad that is over!!! Oh and for the record... it is not story based and can be very easily missed!!!
  3. Incorrect... there are only two relics you can get on that level and I already have the other one... and it still says I need that one... which I didn't pick up when I first went thru... and it is totally missable. After you destroy the elevator... it becomes glitched in the wall.
  4. So I am at the very last level and decided to go back (using the fast travel) to get the left over Relics, Documents and stuff... and when I got to the Research Facility... I found to my surprise that I am not able to obtain the Chou Dynasty Helmet being I completed the level and it is stuck in a wall somewhere because of a mission I had to do. Anyone else having this glitch and possibly knowing a way around it. If you start a new game... do you have to completely restart collecting all of the relics again or can you reset any of the levels??? Just curious because if you do like I did... you also will not get the 100% Relic Collectable!
  5. I don't belive so... we need another 6 people though... it takes 8 people about 15 minutes to play and we can all get the achievement!
  6. Is there anyone out there still looking to make another session. I am so up for it... let's see if we can get this rolling and help each other to make it happen.
  7. Here is the solution... you have to choose Captain Marvel to start. Then after Ironman puts the three gates in place... you can start. Any balls put into the swirly blue thing before that will not count. Hit the first gate... then you will see a ramp light up. You have several seconds to get the ball up that ramp. If you make it in time... the gate will stay down... if not it goes back up and you have to start over again by hitting the gate. If you get up the ramp however... then the gate will stay locked down. Then you must hit the next one and again a selecte ramp will light up. If you miss this one.. only the gate that you hit will go back up... not both the first and second one. After getting the second one... hit the third and final gate... then put the ball into the swirly blue thing... and there is your achievement! Note!!! This does not need to be done in one ball but will keep any gates you have locked down even if you lose your current ball you are playing. It does however need to be done in one play. Best of luck!!!
  8. Thanks! I will definately keep an eye open for it!
  9. Any idea of when this is coming out? I simply love this game!
  10. Well that was nice... right after I posted this... I went and played the game again... and got the achievement. Now time to move on to other tables!
  11. So do you just have to move the left stick up as it is going down the chute... and does it matter how quickly you push it upwards? I have been trying for several weeks now... and it is quite frustrating for sure!
  12. Cool!!! Does Microsoft still have the option to make a silver account and do those work for this? I thought they got rid of the silver account option a while back?
  13. I am using my Les Paul Studio... and just loving the game! http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w21/Sandpiper-N121PP/My2007GibsonLesPaulStudioGuitar2.jpg
  14. For me I think this is one of the bestest games ever! I love the fighting and the special kills. I am now playing thru to get the clean up on my last few achievements and it is so much fun!
  15. I am not sure but I think that people who have added them to get the achievements have either forgot to clear them out or maybe the person who was so kind to start it for us is simply not running the service anymore. I too am late I feel!
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