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  1. Please tell me we don't have to get max rank in each gametype for Seriously 4.0
  2. My friend and I planned on playing co-op for this game online and couldn't load up the game together, he was able to join in the menu as soon as the video started he was backed out we were really disappointed. We tried restarting our games, him hosting, me hosting, and nothing worked. We today hungout and tried again on the same internet connection with two tvs, and it did the same thing, whats going on? Anyone else having this issue? I can't seem to find anything online regarding this. Any tips much appreciated!
  3. Looking for partners to switch off doing 2v2 gnasher boosting maybe 2 hours each, add/message me! GT = Aquatic Neon
  4. Boosting blast most kill achievements right now we want as many people as we can! For anyone looking to join!
  5. Lets set up a session with 10 people and boost it that way we can work as a team and take turns we can also delay the matchs and once people quit on the other team we should be able to control the outcomes.
  6. I was playing a match last night was leading with most kills for 9 minutes 40 seconds and in the last 20 seconds a guy passed me (who already has the achievement) and the time ran out and the match ended I was that close...
  7. Congrats Danny! I also need this achievement bad and interested in joining the session!
  8. So pissed I logged into my account not knowing that warframe was still running from the previous player I didn't even go into the game but it says I played for 5 min.... and now its stuck on there, come to check how to delete it off and to see its not possible I'm so pissed I do NOT want to play 200+ hours to max that game.... fml I keep 100% completion and only one game at a time, was currently on my last two battlefront achievements! How do I vote I need this game removed!
  9. Looking to try to get playing the objective in a private match need three people and we can take turns going for the achievement! GT Aquatic Neon
  10. Looking to do ON THE BALL right now add me! Beat survival in 35 min. GT @Aquatic Neon
  11. Looking for a group to do all heroic 4 player achievements.
  12. Looking for another player with four controllers and three extra silver accounts, I'm a level 3 in anniversary so you must be around the same, mic and English speaking required, looking forward to knocking out splatters and environmentalists, also KOTH and Kill Joys second. Also down for par scores of a few from H:CE H2 and last mission on ODST, these are all my last achievements and want to get it done, any help appreciated thanks!
  13. Looking to boost online now, or do par scores. Add: Aquatic Neon lets do this!
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