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  1. So I've noticed there are tons of sinks throughout the game, and it made me wonder if they actually do anything. Do they? (I'm gonna guess no but I just had to ask)
  2. It doesnt' add another area to the list to travel to, so I'm basically stuck and have no new place to go.
  3. I'm stuck. After completing the part of the game where you have to find the 7 bottles of distilled water and creating the object at the U-invent station, and doing all of that... All of the sudden you are asked to get to the submarine place and you're given no objectives. In fact when I look in the menu there is nothing on the objectives list and it's just blank. Anyone else had this problem? If so what do I do? I'm stuck.
  4. That happened to me while playing regularly. I restarted the Xbox and the same thing happened, so I eventually just reverted to a previous checkpoint and worked by way back and it fixed it.
  5. Nevermind, I beat it. I meticuously went through the entire level without reloading but didn't get the achievement... What a waste.
  6. I don't remember the name of the level or anything but I'm on the part where you're at this castle and as you walk down the pathway you come across that bit scorpion/spider whatever boss again and the objective is to just kill it. It's the level where you get the weapon that's down on the d-pad. (sorry I just don't remember) The hard part is I'm going for the achievement where you have to complete a story mission without reloading, and I'm trying to kill it without reloading, and my clips are out for all the bullet-based weapons so I can't use them. Any advice? I feel like I've been shooting it nonstop and it just doesn't die. There's just no indication to how much health you've dealt to it so it's frustrating because you're not even sure if you're doing damage. Help.
  7. There seems to be this delay between when you lower your karma and your actual "karma level" changes to suit the new karma number. For instance I'm near the very top of good right now and when I started killing people and karma got lowered and I looked at the Pip-Boy...it just said the same karma name I had before killing them. For some reason it's like you have to wait a few hours or a virtual day until it actually updates what your new karma is on the Pip-Boy, which sucks.
  8. I blew up Megaton at the beginning of the game (dumb as I am), so that's off the list.
  9. Well if you get cought then would it make any difference with XP and karma?
  10. Whoops, I meant killing that guy GAINS 1000 karma, nevermind. Any idea how many karma points that deals you do that lockpicking suggestion?
  11. So I'm trying to get the achievements for getting to the different levels at the three different karma stages, and I'm having a hard time trying to get the karma down far enough before I level up. The problem is I guess I placed the saves a little too close to the levels (8, 14, and 20) to the point where I gain too much experience from doing karma-lowering things, and I therefore don't get my karma from good all the way to bad before leveling up... (making sense?) Anyway, I'm wondering if there are some things that can significantly lower karma while raising experience at a minimum. I killed the guy who wanted you to blow up Megaton and I think that took away 1000 karma as a starter.
  12. That's true but it doesn't actually brighten the shadows. All it really does it lowers the contrast ratio of the screen, rather than making things easier to discern.
  13. I mean wow, what the fuck. It seems like every shadowy area throughout the game is pitch black. There are some parts, notably the last chapter, where you have to do everything almost totally blindly because it's just too fucking dark. Did the developers not notice this fundamental problem with the game? Hell, it was the same with the first Call of Juarez. FUCK.... It can really be a pain. I feel like more than half of the times I've died have been because of the issue and not because of any lack of skill. It's just ridiculous. Anyone else agree or had similar experiences?
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