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  1. This is a replacement video guide on the combolicious achievement. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2rtksrlUgc]The Splatters - Combolicious Achievement Guide [XBOX 360] - YouTube[/ame]
  2. i can help people with the insurance fraud I'm good at those but need help with the Genki mined over murder activities and the TK rifts if anyone wants my help and will help me ill be on all day today. GT: MILLERTlME (the i in time is a lower case L)
  3. I tried this method about 20 times and cant seem to get the achievement to pop
  4. Guide showing how to easily get a 4 turtle TPKO solo [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8UDWOAI4XY]TMNT: Out of The Shadows - Shell Yeah! (4 Turtle Team TPKO) Achievement Guide - YouTube[/ame] Credit goes to TransparentDime at TrueAchievements for the method
  5. The achievement splinter is proud requires you to perform a 99-hit combo. Thanks to VyperJMc who posted how to do it in the achievement discussion. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSwIJsTmpls]TMNT: Out of The Shadows - Splinter is Proud (99-hit combo) Achievement Guide - YouTube[/ame]
  6. is any one else struggling with this I did up to the final fight with shredder and I had about 15 lives so I thought I had a good chance of winning but no he is ridiculously hard to beat he has 3 minions that constantly attack as he attacks you with his souped-up helmet. Has anyone got any tips for this bit kinda struggling.
  7. i got to wave 7 but i think its going to be a case of leveling up all the characters
  8. Hey guys just to put it out there, I'm up for collaborating with someone to create an achievement guide for this game, I don't have all the achievements yet but I have a HD capture device so can make videos showing areas to get achievements and hard bits to find, just let me know if you are looking to make one and ill help you out
  9. hey guys looking to get all the online achievements ill be online all day tomorrow but can do other days too. Send me a message on xbl, my gamertag is: MILLER TlME (The I in TIME is a lower case L) thanks guys
  10. Need help with most of the online achievements looking for a team of 6 to boost to level 50 and do some of the others that need more than 2 people I have me and one other if you have a group going we would be happy to join please send me a message on xbl my gamer tag is MILLER TlME ( the i in Time is a lower case L) thanks guys
  11. thanks for the great guide but thought you should know in the skull hub 1, the explanations for 4 and 10 of the green bricks are repeated. One of those missed is found by climbing the ladder on top of the building with the TV on it and the other is at the back of the area to the right of the locked army camp, near where the mole is
  12. ok guys I'm currently working on making videos for every table for tricks shots and golf it'll take me a couple of days to finish recording but bare with me. Update: taking me longer than expected sorry will be up soon
  13. hi peeps need nearly all the online achievements also on GMT but i have no life so can play late just send me a friend request. GT: MILLERTlME (I in time is a lower case L)
  14. looking to get all the online achievements, also have another friend that wants them too, send me a message GT is MILLER TlME (the I in TIME is a lower case L)
  15. thanks to Ra3xWraith original post i made a short video on my game channel to help anyone that was struggling to understand the guide i hope this helps. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGY9CJgm1gc]Army of Two - The Devil's Cartel Easiest/Quickest Method for Money [Overkill Contract] - YouTube[/ame]
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