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  1. Which bits do you feel need updating? Descriptions? What?
  2. 100% filmed and encoding right now. 4, 5, and 6 will be up TONIGHT.
  3. Just sit on the opening screen for as long as you need. As long as you don't touch the A button or move the stick the time has started but the game hasn't. Easy, Peezy.
  4. Anything listed as Nightmare can only be found on Nightmare difficulty. All the rest can be found on any of the three difficulties
  5. No that doesn't count. Only the radio shows that feature the main radio guy talking about Brights Falls and the Deer Fest count. Also no to police radio chatter.
  6. Real easy bunch this week. All Point Buster and Survivalist scores are up. Time Spender as I get them.
  7. I am only missing 1 Thermos somewhere in Ep 5 right now. So chests and signs are 100%. I am going to upload on release date so I don't get suspended on YouTube.
  8. I didn't have it on the list but I had it. So I added it with the same number as one of those two I listed are wrong. Unless I misnumbered. Which is possible and i'll check that now.
  9. I have that one. I think I messed one up in 5. There either isn't one by the shed with the camera at the power station or there isn't one inside weavers "home". Will have to check when I go through on my second account to film.
  10. Guide is closing in on done. Normal Pages: 100% Hidden Chests: 100% TVs: 100% Radios: 100% Thermos - Missing 1 Signs - Missing 1 If anyone knows what I missed it would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I am the maker of that guide. It will get more detailed, just working on layout. I also have videos to go with everything. I started playing on Nightmare and you're not going to want to have to go out of your way for stuff on Nightmare. Takes a lot more shots and a lot more batteries. Wondering around in the woods will be something you want to avoid.
  12. He's ripped it from my site. http://www.swearingatvideogames.com If you do have some I missed I'll give you credit for the info. Filming video guide now.
  13. Game Pack 3 Info for medal times going up now
  14. GT: swaggers I really want to work on my General. Send me time and schedule and I am in.
  15. Vids for Battlantis and Tutankham added
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