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  1. Pre ordered the game today on the store, no sign of a beta download or anything... any ideas??
  2. Well, Santa didn't get me anything, but I did treat myself to Star Wars Battlefront while it was on offer for £12.50 on the Store. Been waiting for this one for a while, so I've been playing that over Christmas. Oh, and my kids got Skylanders Imaginators from my Nan and Mum, so that's been on the go for the last few days.
  3. My vote goes to MGSV The Phantom Pain. I love everything about it, the action, stealth, mechanics and the RPG element of Mother Base. Who would have thought scouting out enemy outposts and bases for new recruits with A++/S Rankings would be fun, and the fulton extraction system is a pure joy to use. Talk about content, I'm only half way through the game and still have a ton of Side Ops to do. I cannot fault this game, it works perfectly, and is worth every penny. Probably the best value for your money game since Fallout 3, in my opinion of course.
  4. ReCore gets my vote. Long load times between areas, possibly worse than Duke Nukem Forever. Grinding for constant parts, cores and to level up. Falling through floors and walls. Buggy Collectible tracking. Unfinished areas. This games opening 30 minutes had such promise, I thought it would be the perfect mash up of Borderlands meets Legend of Zelda, so that's why it's the worst. It had a great premise and the end result was a huge let down due to the above. Not since Assassins Creed Unity, have I uninstalled a game before finishing it. A shame, as the platforming in ReCore is some of the best I've even experienced.
  5. I haven't posted on these forums in some time, but damn, I need somewhere to type my ramblings. I started the game with the 30 minute trial and I was blown away. Loved the combat, extracting cores, scavenging parts and finding loot chests with a basic RPG element, kind of like a Borderlands meets Legend of Zelda. But once the trial runs out and you get in to the meat of the game, f'me, does it get tedious. The one big thing that lets this game down is the loading times between everything. Good lord, I haven't experienced loading this bad since Duke Nukem Forever. The Map is terrible, you can't highlight objects or way points like almost every other game on the market has has a map, making it hard to tell if something is high or low in the terrain. Along with a poor map, the open world is just so barren and bland, just a few rocks here and there with scrap on and a sprinkling of dungeons. Some areas of the map are just unfinished parts of the game that they just blocked off with quick sand to stop people getting to it. The game is short too, I was at Eden Tower after 5 1/2 hours, but the game prolongs its life by making you find 45 Prismatic Cores before you can reach the top, and I only had 21 at the time, so I had to go an do a lot of Prism hunting and then you have to grind out your levels in order to be strong enough to do this. But somehow, I did enjoy playing this game, despite the above, and I have no idea why. There is no reason to go back to this game as once it's done, the appeal of sitting through all of the above just to collect everything is a big no no. I loved the platforming, exploration and dungeons, but the game is an unfinished broken mess. I uninstalled the game after hitting Floor 3 of Eden Tower, fuck the combat and fuck this game. Enemies just sponge bullets and how am I supposed to avoid every enemy attack in a small box!?? And this is coming from some one who completed Call of Duty 4 on Veteran after spending 3 hours trying to do, 'No Fighting In The War Room'. I think I just run out of patients with this game.
  6. Did you ever get it working again dude? Just a blip I hope!! Found the same one on Argos, just for ease of returning in case it breaks. http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/1434716.htm#pdpFullProductInformation
  7. Thanks guys for all your suggestions. I'll check out all your recommendations!
  8. I have used Search and found nothing, so a big sorry if there is already a thread on this, please re-direct me, if so! Basically I have around 191GB left on my Xbox One HDD, and with the mass of games coming out soon, which I will most likely be getting, was thinking of getting an external HDD, while I still can, so does anyone have any ideas on what make you can use or what specific type it needs to be? My mate, who owns and Xbox One who is great with IT stuff, recommended this for the Xbox One: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/2tb-seagate-stbv2000200-expansion-desktop-drive-35-external-hdd-usb-30-20-black-pc-mac Thoughts people?
  9. I'm on Mission 5, have had zero glitches so far, bar some odd ragdoll and clipping issues, but it's been an absolute blast. Loving it. The previous two titles were just as fun.
  10. Welcome to the age and generation of (Single Player) Co-op gaming! I love my Xbox and the community, and nothing brings us all together like a good ol' slice of Co-op action. I was dead chuffed and excited to see so many game focusing on Co-op, especially some in single player. This winter, or 'Holiday Season', there has never been a better time to start investing in an Xbox console, if you're on the fence. What do I mean, well, lets take a look at Microsofts E3 and other games out this year on the One, in no particular order: Sunset Overdrive - 8 Player (Exclusive) Crackdown 3 - 4 Player? (Exclusive) Fable Legends - 4 Player (Exclusive) The Division - 4 Player Assassins Creed Unity - 4 Player Evolve - 4 Player v 1 Player Destiny - 4 Player The Crew - A no player limit, apparently... These games all look great, and will seriously burn a hole in some peoples pockets, but man, all this amazing small Co-op gaming experience, all close and personal, damn it's gonna be fun. It seems the hardware, Cloud and servers are meaning Devs are now adding Co-op into everything, and this, is a good thing.
  11. Battlefield 4 Tips made by my mate, iMahvel: How to De-Noob Yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AROG0WpTY24 LMG Tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X_OPiEGMOs&list=PLwnniuPbXMFLXif81hGp4fUMm6BAtEeru
  12. Check out this test here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVpoDaZcfkE&list=PLwnniuPbXMFLXif81hGp4fUMm6BAtEeru Surprising, I loved my MAG Launcher too
  13. About 24 hours later, my Achievements updated on screen. I was talking to MS Xbox Support on twitter (a very fast a friendly service) at the time, and I'm not sure if it was them doing anything there end or just a 24 odd hour delay, but it updated. I'm gonna wait till I get a game with a 5G cheevo and not hold the guide button to view it, to see if it will automatically add itself to the Gamerscore.
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