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  1. lookin hmm for. boosting partners msg me on xbox gt is o0 hydro 0o
  2. im trying to do the deluge pack achievements so msg me if ur up to it
  3. if anybody want to do the two dlc professional achievements ill be on til 4 i am also looking for people to boost the VS. achievements msg me on xbox
  4. i am looking to do the versus achievments send me a msg on most of the time
  5. boosting the billion dollar achievment at 1pm central on the 16th msg me if ur up to boost
  6. i am still looking for a few more people so when can get this started i kno this forum is a lil slow but so far i have gotten 4 people not including me but i still need it so that is 5 all together, send my GT a MSg -----------------http://xboxamerica.com/gamercards/slim-summary/o0-hydro-0o.png
  7. starting a boosting lobby tonight starting at 6pm central time, i will be on till rounf 2am so if n e one needs help with this plz msg me n send freind request so we can get this started
  8. i will be starting a boosting match tomorrow on sunday the 10th at 6pm central time if n e one is interestd plz send MSG with FR, i will be on till 2 in the morning so if n e one is interseted
  9. i will be available sunday after 5pm central, count me in to get the psyco award
  10. looking for 2 people who want to get the focusing stone i have already gotin it jst trying to help a freind get it if n e one else wants to join plz senf FR n MSG the sooner the better
  11. u can add me also for the skill kill especially the 5 in a row, i am usually on so send FR
  12. im looking for 2 people right now who have the ssc challenge pack to get all achievements + the bliilion dolla achievement i will help with watever online achievement u need gt= o0 HyDrO 0o
  13. all i need is the cheifs hat if n e one can help i will also help on n e other game if u guys wish to b my freind i own alot of games
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