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  1. im really enjoying it for a budget title you can get for about £3 its a bargain id go as far as to say i like it more than dirt showdown
  2. sweet i cant wait for this game i may go and pre oder it tomorrow
  3. i would buy it if they made a sequal i really enjoyed the game and i have to admit there is not enough games like these
  4. I am loving it so far, i am about thirty hours and and fifty odd quests in.I have to admit i had low expectations for this game but i have been pleasantly surprised i might even have to get the DLC.I know i'm late in playing it but i need to try and clear my backlog a bit.
  5. yeah its fairly easy to get and can be upgraded
  6. i really enjoyed it although it could have been a lot better and had the propper people doing the voices but then its a budget title and all things considerd it could have been a lot worse still i kind of expected to have cote de pablo doing zivas voice
  7. i have had this game for ages.i have to admit its a good game not as good as the modern medal of honor games.still for the £5 i gave for it its well worth it. and by the sounds of it its a rare game over hear in the uk
  8. i really enjoyed it, i thought the gameplay was awesome and the plot was better than call of duty
  9. i want it just hope you dont have to use kinect while playing
  10. i agree i don't think they invested all that money just for voice commands.If they invested in it that heavily there going to want to get as much use out of it as possible if i only need a meter of room i may be able to get way with it just but i am going to wait until its confirmed before i get one
  11. hell yeah she did the right thing i would rather strugle with the truth than live a lie
  12. tier three sweet never knew this existed i am going to have to get a move on finishing 4 now
  13. as long as it has lillana in it with a large part i dont care bring back the old crew that would be awesome
  14. so the xbox one is coming with kinect anyone have any details i know that were not supposed to be forced to use it and if i get an Xbox one i wont connect it unless i actually have to but i get the feeling more and more developers are ever going to start incorporating it or be pushed into using it.I have a verry small room were i have my Xbox set up with a gap of about four foot between the tv and my bed is it going to be a big enough space?
  15. im playing through the single player now and im really enjoying it more than i did for cod 3 i had a glitch that nearly made me put the controller though the telle but still it's not bad for what i paid for it.
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