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  1. Anyone getting additional engrams on top of the 2 in reward screen?Hardly ever, right?
  2. Bungie will destroy this because that's all they can do before activision unlocks the other half of the game, sell it while it's hot.
  3. This patch ruined the loot system in reality, intended by bungie while making the cryptarch give you what's been given to him, drop chance has been nerfed into abysmal proportions. It went from stale to pointless within 1 month.
  4. Nobody sees how incredibly finished this area has been done with the exception of enemy - boss spawns, the dead ghostst are in your data so it only needs activation... in 2015!! I hope Destiny 2 never sees daylight. Kotick just needs to die in a fire.
  5. This is the equalivant of the free to play version on Steam except you pay 10 bucks for an extremely dumbed down paywall game. There are no ingame achievements/rewards at all! Everything is bought with gold, per card! Gold will drain fast and you will hit a difficulty spike in campaign where buying almost everything availabe is mandatory to proceed without getting hammered. Not to mention if anyone, which I highly doubt because the online is dead at arrival, bought any packs and you didn't, you will lose. I would have at least accepted this if it were a Games on Demand version at a higher cost with a bit more content but pumping THAT much money into a goddamn arcade game with 400 gamerscore is ridiculous. The fact that they charge 10 bucks for a dumbed down version of a F2P game is on its own a travesty Ubisoft's all time low is right here for you to avoid.
  6. The nerfing in this game is ridiculous, they take this whole thing too serious, this is not an MLG contender! Not enjoying these pointless nerfs and dumping this game, fuck the dlc. Should have been SP only and there would be no bitching and whining and this game would have been fine.
  7. You are getting this invalid deck notification because you need more spells in your build, 28 minimum I believe. 60 minimum cards in deck, 100 maximum and at least 28-30 spells. It gives you a warning before you try to save to tell you that your deck is invalid.
  8. 2HG was removed for this version. The only online mode is FFA. Booster packs are 2 dollars each - 10 cards per pack. Max total of 14 booster packs can be purchased. Just a reminder before you click BUY and expect more for less which is the other way around this year.
  9. I have 6 at 60 and 1 HC at 60 to transfer so the grind will be minimal for that part. I just find this list so dull and boring like were they even trying.. come on. Gold will be easy in Ros so no worries - GG on the 500 bounties though. I wonder if it will be class import with clean slate or just a carry on to chapter V. What about the legends..
  10. His face says it all: Life is hard.. feeling sorry for myself.. a real fucking loser. I bet his hair is longer than the mother of the murdered 5 weeks old babygirl. Die already.
  11. I can't recall where I said it before but you can obtain all the achievements by playing co-op, even the difficulty ones.
  12. I finished the game 3 times on cadet plus co-op so I can dream enemy locations - you can pretty much stealth through the game but hide the bodies and headshot with the silenced pistol if you must. There is an increased AI presence however.
  13. 1 guy tweeted it took him 5 hours to get through level 2 on authentic.
  14. Happened to me 3 times already. It also wipes stats and progress.
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