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  1. I never buy games day one because of issues similar to these. But with having Gamepass I never had to buy it. However speaking to friends, they've struggled to play the campaign together and all the other modes. I chose to do the campaign alone and have only just made it to Act 4 I've had issues where I paused so I could go pee, come back and it's returned to the dashboard, making me reload the game, and worse of all as its not got to a checkpoint if i had just killed an enemy i really struggled with, I had to do that again. The other issue was similar but when a cut scene is suppose to start from you opening a door or going to a new area, it wouldn't, the door stayed shut and the only way out was to reload all over again, beings that was a checkpoint through the door, I'd have to go through all the previous stuff up to that point again. Absolute worse of all tho for me is the AI companions, I've played all the previous games and this is the worst for the AI. First when I'm shooting, they step in the way and block my view completely. Then if I get downed, none of them bother reviving me, they will say their on the way and be stood right next to me without anyone even shooting at them and just let me die
  2. I love GWG. Fed up of people telling me these games aren't free though. I paid for Gold since day one and we got like maybe 3 freebies, my Gold me on average £25-30max. It still costs me that now even though the price has gone up, its just shopping around and getting a good deal. 48 free games a year, then at least once a month a free game weekend on something. Deals with gold prices, Game pass offers of £1 every few months. I download everything they ever offer, just wish I had done that the first few months as I was like, I already got that on disc so need to download it, silly me. Whether I've heard of it or not,or its rubbish, i still claim it as you never know few years down the line, might fancy giving it a go. As someone who is struggling to get work due to my autism, I have basically no income. So Xmas I often get a Gold membership and one or two games. I tend to ask for games that are unlikely to come to GWG, and tend to ask for a game thats over a year old, as then its more likely I can get more than 1 game then. Unlike my nephews who ask for the newest game and end up with one game then, think it was £40 for Star Wars Battlefront 2, not even a year later and I got the digital version for £9. Without these 48 games a year, id be pretty bored with gaming life. It does however stop me buying certain games altogether as i don't mind the wait and certain games are almost guaranteed to come to GWG, such as any Assassin Creed, Tomb Raider, Lego, Telltale, etc
  3. Drewbles


    I'm just playing this for the Game pass reward, gotta do 10hrs. 2hrs in and its painful. I'm terrible at racing but this is beyond a joke, don't think I've managed to pass one set of courses. Surprising the snow levels seem to be the easier ones for me.
  4. Cheers, i just saw that on a video on youtube, thats a lot better then, 18 maps. I knew a few others who thought the same as me, so good to get that cleared up
  5. Okay so they showed a nice long trailer and if your quick enough you can read some of the stuff. Firstly the biggest disappoint of the last game for me was offline, I bought all the DLC looking forward to playing the extra maps with my nephews and nope, not available for offline modes. So when they revealed 18 maps for the new game and talked a bit about the offline mode, in the trailer it shows only 4 of those maps are available offline. Why? why do they screw those people over, its estimated that nearly 25% of gamers don't connect to the internet for several reasons if it be location, in the army, can't afford it or just live in an area where its not good enough to play online, plus there is a portion of players who do have the internet but hate playing against others as they might not be any good and don't have the time to spend improve to the same level most are online. The game with have single player but only so many times you wanna replay and its not gonna be long either. I wanna play the game but I don't wanna spend £40+ for a short campaign and 4 maps. Not just that but out of all the shooting games, my nephews love Star wars and are far too young to be going online, it would have been ace to get them this for Xmas
  6. These races are the worse part of the game, the only things stopping me from 100% and I've always been terrible at races so this is impossible, i could try a million times and still fail
  7. Did anyone else see the fake list going round Fallout 3 Deadpool Forza H 2 Cave Story And Black from the Original xbox. People seem to believe the list is real but don't seem to realize backward comp original games aren't happening yet. Plus that list is far too nice I don't mind the pic Dan posted, only one i played was the Lego one but still does seem like a very lame list
  8. Does seem late to know but i think if they usually release details on the last Tuesday of the month. What do you guys do if its a game you already own thats free? I usually sell the disc on ebay but its deciding when to sell it, as soon as we know its gonna be free or a month after
  9. Anyone got any predictions for July? I'm the type that accepts all free games. I never buy anything day one unless its a GTA, Red dead, stuff like Fallout, Borderlands,Batman where you know there will be a ton of DLC, i tend to wait til a complete edition comes out and usually ask for it at Xmas. Being low on money does make you try money saving things, parents usually spend just over £100 at Xmas on me and my sisters, rather not ask them to get the latest games and end up with 2, least if i wait a year, they can get more for the same amount, that and a gold membership. After seeing GWG tho over the years, games now i fancy playing but feel i may as well wait even if it takes years cuz these are likely to be free. Dead rising series Assassins Creed Halo Gears Telltale games like Walking dead Anything that was released free on the 360, that has a remaster version on the one is bound to be free eventually. So definitely see Dead rising 3, AC Unity eventually coming
  10. I've noticed as well, i played through playthrough 1 and all the DLC and never had a single orange weapon. On HC, done 2 characters and both have had more than 3 and not even finished playthrough 1 yet
  11. My best advice for anyone with a Gold membership Opt for every game they offer whether you hate it or own it. If i got it on disc I can sell the disc If i never heard of it, i can give it ago at any point, didn't try Sleeping dogs til a year after I got it and loved it. Hate it cuz I'm rubbish at it, something to try again in the future if i wanted. So any predictions for April? I don't know about you guys but if there is a game i fancy but just don't have the time for yet I end up just waiting for it on GWG, we know Assassin Creed, Dead rising, Halo, Gears are regular visitors to GWG So id be surprised if we don't see DR3, Creed unity,Synidcate etc What I'd like to know is you see these collections like Dead rising, Ezio, Handsome etc, Is it possible for them to give one game of those remasters away for free in GWG cuz i cant seem them ever doing a whole collection.
  12. First out of all my friends on the my friends list as well and I'm the one who probably gets to play the least out of them. Gotta say tho Lego definitely helps. I remember looking on here 5 years ago for games that are easy 1000g like that Basketball game, Boxing game and Jericho, i think it was called, some surprising games like Jericho, liked how you could swap between characters so easily. Had some annoying ones as well like I finished Sleeping dogs no problem on the 360 but then the ultimate edition on X1, get to the end and the last few side missions won't pop up, stopping me from getting 2 achievements and 100% Really hope they do another one of those, loved the fighting. Sadly can't see me getting to 200g without winning the lotto or getting a job that pays well but gives me plenty of free time.
  13. I have soloed up til level 41 and have tried to start 2nd playthrough now within 5mins the game freezes, never had a problem til literally the last week. I'm not even on the game long. I get about 2-3hours max an evening and it freezes forcing me to reboot the console. After 19 attempts on one level mainly because everytime i seem to go in fight for my life the enemies that were there suddenly run off and hide, then finally get the boss down to two more shots and it freezes. What is going on, is this happening to others and if so any fixes cuz i doubt theres any updates ever coming again
  14. I hate the treyarch single player stuff, infinite respawn is annoying, its not a challenge if you can choose to just run to check points. I preferred MW2 and 3, clear an area and move on at your own pace, rather than clear a room, go to pick up some ammo/gun, boom the room is filled up again
  15. yeah i just did the whole of episode 3 and nothing popped up once. Finished and checked, still nothing. Already did all this on the 360, as much as i love this game, im not going through it a 3rd time
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