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  1. I recently did the elemental evil update after not playing in months. Didn't even do the Tiamat update in July. However when I stopped playing my dragon campaign was 100%, and all I needed was the Tiamat progression. Today I'm finding out that Harper Boward isn't giving me the well of dragons mission. My dragon campaign is 100%, and in order to progress I need dragon fangs which is found in well of dragons. However I can't access well of dragons, and I'm level 61. Does anyone know how to fix this??? Thanks
  2. GT: xX Gambit69 Xx Shadow: Jago Would having a second shadow character created also count towards the games played??
  3. I stacked speedrun/no death and no abilities beat the game, but didn't get credit for no abilities. Before starting this run I made sure to erase all prior saves, and not touch the ability screens which I didnt. Now I'm running through finding all secret areas with Dantes map and yet to increase in progress....
  4. Yes thanks that's what I did and it worked wow that was extremely helpful... I always just pulled the rock and dashed it up to the platform, but with the invisible wall there couldn't do jack. thanks again I thought my playthrough was a wash to...
  5. What do you mean push it forward?? The lava shooting down kills you if you try to push it forward.....
  6. I'm at the end of Mt. Horo where you have to move the boulder from the bottom level to the upper level to cover the lava pit. My level progression says 90% and I'm stacking speedrun/ no death/ no abilities, and would be done by now this glitch I encountered sucks. After I move the boulder to the second level I charge jump to the third level to push a lever. Which moves a platform over the right side, but then when I go to drag the Boulder it moves then stops. Like there's an invisbile wall blocking it. I also tried moving left to right in the little area of the Boulder, and when Ori moves right she sticks her hands out like there's a wall but no wall is there....
  7. I'm missing one energy orb I've collected the hidden one in MT. Horuna, but my map shows everything complete. Is there another hidden energy orb somewhere. I also grabbed the one in Ginso Tree.... Not sure where this one would be
  8. Have a question about two breakable walls in Valley of the wind. The walls are vertical so I can't jump straight up and break them. I'm also looking in the areas, but there's no switches around them. Any ideas on these two walls? Both of the walls have an ability orb on the opposite side.....
  9. Iron Galaxy has been really good thus far keeping up with monthly updates to Killer Instinct. The ranked leagues are an awesome addition to the fighting game genre, because fighting games for the most part have always been tournament ready. I just played some Gold tier players and killer players in custom matches and use what I learn in the leagues. I still have a lot of practice ahead of me, but thats fine because I don't expect killer status and killer of killers to come quick. Iron galaxy will not add a top 32 leader board achievement I doubt this, because people that play KI all day for hours and hours like Paul B, Gutter, Styles, and LCD etc will hold them Iron Galaxy knows this lol... Killer status and defeating killers is fair I think.
  10. Congrats to those who finished all the drinking games I just finished it myself. I didn't have trouble with the button mini game ones just the advanced analog stick ones. I would say level 10 on the Loop and probably level 10 on the Pawnee took me a little to process mentally honestly, but with practice you'll get it done... Good luck to those going for it
  11. It's definitely not your typical Ninja Gaiden game obviously. Since Itagaki's absence the series has taken a U-turn, because NG3 was certainly not NG 2 or NG Black. However in saying that for what the game is it's not so bad. The game is short, and at times can be repetitive but it's still NG filler until 4. I will say this it's better then any baby game or easy 1,000GS I've played. For reviews yeah it scored bad, but if your a gamer play the game for yourself and form your own opinion. If your holding out until NG4 I wouldn't hold your breathe either, because like stated Itagki is no longer part of Team Ninja. Devils Third will probably be the next best thing. Also if you don't like it that's fine everybody has different taste if your a hack n slash/ NG fan you'll play it for that, because simply everything else is sub par unless it's Bayonetta or DmC of course... So for anyone up in the fence about this game give it a chance, and after it is what it is.
  12. Ok thanks man could be just an error then, because I notice that Chapter 4 was off by two documents as well ..
  13. Thanks I have the 4 collected then why would the game stats say there's 6 documents then....
  14. Hey could you provide some info on documents I'm missing two on Chapter 7 can't find the two I need for the life of me:(
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