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    live fast, game hard.............
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  1. HEY GAMERSCORE JUNKIES!!! Add me the killer cook for clips & tips focusing on achievement hunting!! Online most of the time (expect when earning the pennies for more games lol) & play most games so to chat or game add me up & we'll BOX ON!!
  2. The Killer Cook is always looking for new friends & followers to do some achievement hunting with on the Xbox One!! Drop me a message on Live G.T. The Killer Cook, send me a tweet @the_killer_cook or check out my youtube channel for my latest clips (including achievement guides) at - the killer cook!
  3. Hey, am not complaining but not sure wat topic to drop this into. Plz could u tell me how to update my gamercard on the site. Its fallen way behind were i actually am

  4. Hey Gamers!! Add me on live "The Killer Cook" or following me on twitter @the_killer_cook for some achievement hunting & up to date news about whats happening in the world of xbox. See u on the battlefield....Peace!!
  5. Hey Gamers!! Always looking for new friends & followers to achievement hunt, team up or just generally fuck about on the xbox one with. I'm friends with all the upload team (still trying for that featured creator spot!!), part of the preview program and get alot of beta codes/invites which i give away to my friends & followers. Hit me up & be sure to check out my clips. Peace!!!! GT = The Killer Cook
  6. The lastest update has somehow wiped my friends list. Says no friends on the smart glass app too. Anyone else had the same problem or how to fix it. Contacted microsoft but no response yet....
  7. Gamertag : "The Killer Cook". Always looking for new friends/followers to play casual, go hardcore or generally fuck about on the Xbone. Play all kind of games and always willing to help out with cheevo hunting, time permitting (GMT).
  8. Excaliber, earth defence & original marvel pack tables are available now but its asking me to purchase them wen i already have on 360? Thot they were porting THEM ALL for FREE if previously purchased??????
  9. Still looking for "I Killed Them All" on xbox one. Drop me a message if anyones looking for another player GT: The Killer Cook
  10. Hey folks, always looking for followers & friends for some casual gaming, achievement hunting and generally whooping ass on xbox one. THE KILLER COOK
  11. Cool, thanks guys couldnt find clarification on this anywhere
  12. I have my (xbox one) kinect on a mount on top of my tv. Set up went smoothly and it works fine for voice & motion. The thing is that when i watch vids of kinect theres 3 white/light blue lights on it BUT my lights are red??? As i've said i dont seem to be having any problems but would like to know the cause or at least an explaination?? Can anyone help?
  13. Not a "hardcore" cod player (sick of assholes telling "this noob" to go back to nightfall & end up running circles round said assholes) but looking for some like-minded achievement hunters to work on most of the extiction dlc cheevos. Add me for a hit back GT : The Killer Cook
  14. GT: The Killer Cook. Always looking for friends and followers to boost, go hardcore or just generally kick ass with on the 1. Add me and be sure to check out my upload clips for some helpful tips and tricks on a wide variety of games.
  15. Hey folks! GT: The Killer Cook. Always looking for new friends & followers to chat, play and generally goof around with on The Xbone. (Bonnie Scotland GMT)
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