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  1. To do the 20 minute joyride achievement. THanks! GT: KPD7424
  2. Anyone up for some online play for achievements? Not looking to boost as much as I am for players to play with. I need to do: Cat n mouse Invasion Win a race in Monte Carlo and Shibuya.
  3. Its a tuned Segaris. I just posted a 2:01.170 in a Exige.
  4. Still looking to get the Carmine/Marauder achievements. Add me if anyone needs a GUY. GT: KPD7424
  5. Looking to do Carmine/Marauder achievements. I have one other so looking for 3 more people. Add me: KPD7424
  6. Should be around for next 4-6 hours. Add me for the co-op and horde achievements. GT: KPD7424 also have my bro who can help out as an extra person even though he has the achievements.
  7. Looking for 3-4 players to help with 4 player co-op and the zeta achievement for horde. Will be on between 10am-2pm Central time Thursday.
  8. Me and 3 others are on right now for the horde command pack achievements. only 1 of my guys needs the achievements but we need 1 more right now. Anyone interested add me and message me. THANKS!!! Gamertag: KPD7424
  9. Looking for anyone willing to help with the new horde command pack achievements for onyx guard and hosting. Will help all others as well Gamertag: KPD7424 add me please
  10. Finally determined the problem was with the glitch effecting EDE. I had to load up an old file which was several levels lower. Then I could send both companions away. HOWEVER, now the game freezes on the load screen after accepting Jeds offer to go to Zion. I am unable to play the content.
  11. For some reason Jed thinks I have a companion with me and will not allow me to begin the content. I have sent Boone back to the Lucky 38 and back to his home on different occasions and still it will not give me the option to begin. Also my weight is under the required amount. Anyone else have this?
  12. Im still willing to join up with anyone for kingpin and help out with others I have if needed? Central Time Zone.
  13. Yes, unfortunately something important came up and I was late. Hopefully we can still get this done. reschedule?
  14. what happened to kingpin today at 3est? I still need in
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