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  1. I have noticed a couple o f soul gems which respawn regularly: in the fireplace in the ruined house of Monkey's Rest, just north of the Windy Glade Wayshrine in Auridon. There's a Lesser and a Grand gem (I think) in there at least once a day...probably every few hours. Anyone noticed other spots to check? I know they drop from dungeon bosses, but sometimes it's the dungeons which deplete my supply...I'm particularly looking for Common Soul Gems (about to hit level 30), but this thread could build a useful list...
  2. Money is a joke once you open up gang headquarters, forts and renovations in Sequence 3 (or is it 2?); steady income increases with every property you claim. The materials are the only real work...I'll be honest, I cheated and bought the $2 Time Saver: Resource Pack (500 of metal, wood, etc)...twice. I got the game cheap, so it felt worth it. But getting them by capturing ships becomes much easier once you have the Puckle Gun; I just get on it and blast the enemy sailors from my own deck, small ships are captured in seconds. Man O Wars are too tall to hit much with it, but you can at least take out the high scouts and get off a few shots as your men grapple you in close. Be on the lookout for enemy ships that appear on your world map (in light blue): they are loaded with one resource or another (like 300+ Metal).
  3. There's 5-6 pieces of advice in this thread, all handy for getting kills... ...but if you want to get the 100% sync, stay near the edge of the dock. The only enemies that are killing your crew are the riflemen; if they get a chance to stand straight and aim, they will ruin your 100%. If you prevent that, you can take your time with the agiles and brutes.
  4. The voice was the main give-away from the first direct interaction, and her appearance just supported that first impression. I think I was suspicious, though, because they made a point of hiding her for a bit: you first meet Thatch and the rest when Edward brings Adewale to the Nassau Tavern, and Kidd is sitting twenty feet away on a bench, pretty sure she doesn't speak. They didn't want you to get too close a look right away.
  5. Sadly, I don't think this thread will grow especially quickly. But I'll offer my small example: I mostly play with my brother, and at one point he waited for me near the finish line of a race after I had wiped out, just so I wouldn't get a DNF (and lose out on $ and RP). We started making a habit of it, and last night I did it by reflex to a stranger...I think I totally baffled him. I still pulled in for first place, just wanted to make it worthwhile for him. I also consider it simple courtesy to stay in any lobby I join, and will play the mission even if it's just me and the host. Nothing more annoying than watching a list of impatient pricks join and leave after 5 seconds.
  6. Is this what Job Points are for? Makes sense...my Crew and I have wondered; I thought they made up part of your Good Sport / Bad Sport rating (as in quitting jobs subtracts JP?). And I've never looked at my tally, so didn't realize they reset. I was hoping they would be a sequence of missions, but this sounds like I'll have to play for an hour(s?) before I can even start a heist. Hopefully more interesting steps than the Story offered. littlejay said it well: I was thinking I'd have to stealth into somewhere to hack a computer, plus do something crazy to recruit an expert, etc, etc. Instead I stole a fucking garbage truck. They were few, they were unimaginative, and the set pieces contained no challenge (rappel, scuba...with no real danger involved). The main draw for me is doing them with friends. I hope they're more fun that way than they were in Story.
  7. What you see is "asking", as stated in the thread title. I included that so that people would know I was not providing help...much like your post. You might consider leading such posts with a similar parenthetical: "(Self-Righteous Criticizing)", or "(Ironic Forum Clog about Forum Clogging)". I can't exactly provide the information if, as I said, a) I don't even know how to see how much a mission costs and b) I obviously don't know what missions are coming up at higher levels. If actually helpful people would've contributed what they knew, I would have compiled it all in an edit of the original post...I'm no slouch when it comes to contributing. But screw it, I'll look up what I need when I need it, since no one else seems to think it would be useful. Edit: Useful or not, I added what I could find.
  8. Since nobody seems to have done it, I'm rewriting my open request to include what I could find myself. Input / additions / corrections are very welcome. The most obvious missing info are the missing level requirements; would love to replace those ?'s and get them in their place in the sequence. The point of this is to provide a little heads up about Missions you might get calls about...and not just the awesome ones, but the ones that are not at all awesome. Just after hitting 35, Simeon sent me "It Takes A Thief"...must be level 35, right? $10k+, right? Nope, just a $2k level 5 that I hadn't gotten before. As for what the cost is to start any of these missions, it seems to be fairly low: $500 in cash (not in bank) would seem to cover it, but I don't know if it scales up at higher levels. I'm not about to collect ratings or anything, and I find estimated times are untrustworthy (there's always some clown saying he did it in 30 seconds), but if there are any major tips or warnings I will refer people to a list of Notes at the bottom (Note 1 is a great example). Otherwise, your posts themselves will serve as reviews, recommendations, etc. Req’d Level --- Payout --- Contact --- Mission 5 --- 5,000 --- Simeon --- Rich Men in Richman 5 --- 2,000 --- Simeon --- It Takes a Thief 5 --- 1,500 --- Simeon --- Rockford Roll 5 --- 1,000 --- Simeon --- Where Credit's Due 5 --- 1,000 --- Lamar --- Ballas to the Wall 6 --- 3,000 --- Gerald --- Death Metal 6 --- 2,000 --- Gerald --- Flood in the LS River 6 --- 1,000 --- Gerald --- Deal Breaker 7 --- 7,000 --- Gerald --- Trevor's Enigma 7 --- 5,000 --- Gerald --- Meth'd Up 9 --- 9,000 --- Gerald --- No Hay Bronca 10 --- 2,000 --- Simeon --- El Burro Heists 10 --- 2,000 --- Simeon --- Gentry Does It 10 --- 2,000 --- Simeon --- All in the Game 12 --- 2,000 --- Gerald --- Gassed Up 12 --- 1,500 --- Simeon --- Blow Up 13 --- 2,000 --- Ron (TP) --- Romance isn't Dead 15 --- 3,000 --- Gerald --- Violent Duct 16 --- 3,000 --- Lamar --- San Andreas Seoul 18 --- 3,000 --- Lamar --- Ticket to Elysium 20 --- 5,000 --- Ron (TP) --- Fueling the Flames 20 --- 5,000 --- Ron (TP) --- Lost My Mind 22 --- 7,000 --- Lester --- Landing Strip 22 --- 5,000 --- Martin --- Out of Court Settlement 24 --- 10,000 --- Lester --- A Titan of a Job 24 --- 5,000 --- Martin --- Death From Above 25 --- 7,000 --- Lester --- High Priority Case 25 --- 5,000 --- Ron (TP) --- Daemon Run 25 --- 2,000 --- Simeon --- ATV Steal 27 --- 25,000 --- Ron (TP) --- Base Invaders 30 --- 10,000 --- Lester --- Quarry Quarry 30 --- 10,000 --- Ron (TP) --- Crank Up the Volume 30 --- 9,000 --- Lester --- By Land Sea and Air 30 --- 7,000 --- Gerald --- War and Pieces 30 --- 5,000 --- Lamar --- No Smoking 35 --- 10,000 --- Martin --- Check Out Time 40 --- 10,000 --- Lester --- Teaser Trailer 40 --- 7,000 --- Ron (TP) --- A Boat in the Bay 45 --- 18,000 --- Martin --- Mixed up with Coke 50 --- 7,000 --- Martin --- Holed Up 55 --- 5,000 ---- Lester --- Parking Garage 75 --- 25,000 --- Martin --- Rooftop Rumble ? --- 17,000 --- Martin --- Los Santos Connection ? --- 10,000 --- Ron (TP) --- Crystal Clear Out ? --- 7,000 --- Lester --- Last Chopper Out of LS ? --- 5,000 --- Lamar --- Going Down the GOH ? --- 5,000 --- Lamar --- Caught Napping ? --- 5,000 --- Ron (TP) --- Turbine Carbine ? --- 3,000 --- Simeon --- Blow Up III ? --- 3,000 --- Simeon --- Blow Up II ? --- 3,000 --- Lamar --- Lost MC RIP ? --- 2,000 --- Simeon --- Chasers II ? --- 2,000 --- Lester --- Cop's Capacity (See Note 1) ? --- 1,500 --- Gerald --- Pier Pressure Note 1: Re: Cop's Capacity: The yellow Dominator from that mission sells for 16,000 at Los Santos customs if you're the driver when you return to free roam.
  9. Why, thank you...though it's woefully out of date. My Xbox and I drifted apart this past year...never finished the AC3 DLC I bought, or the last Spider-Man game (based off the crappy movie)...or Mass Effect 3...needless to say, the achievement whoring which originally brought me to this site has run its course. My brother kinda pressured me into getting GTA V...and (on topic), it's kinda been unimpressive. The Story mode was pretty dull; a very few heists which were mostly made up of fetch quests for exciting items like garbage trucks. And Online, well, Creasy touched on it: I lost $200k I'd spent on an apartment...I've made $300k since then, and I'm not particularly inspired to buy anything with it. The apartment was a nice prestige moment, but I haven't missed it since losing it. I bought it because Lester tells you to, thinking he'd start sending me heist level mission sequences, but, at Level 34, the missions are still not especially engaging. I'll continue to goof around just to keep my bro company, but so far the progress doesn't feel much like progress. Give me a chance to buy a helipad at 50, a hangar at 75, etc, and maybe I'd care. But levelling just gets you more lucrative missions, offering cash I have no use for and RP for...levelling more. By the way, for Rockstar to call this "stimulus package" compensation, and to claim it will "keep the current worldwide in-game economy balanced", is doubly insulting. It's a blanket solution for a wide range of negative experiences, and rewards people who never experienced any problem at all. I've told my other brother, who has only done about 10% of the Story, to jump online for five minutes before the end of October so he can get his completely undeserved half mil.
  10. Anybody else experiencing freezes since the update? Just updated tonight and froze up twice in an hour...hasn't happened before in 36 hours of playing online (and 22 of Story mode).
  11. Just wanted to say thanks for this tip. I was going by my brother's (characteristically whiny) review...he must have trailed bikers for miles the wrong way. Staying off the roads makes this a breeze (though I can't say no opposition, had a biker or two come after me sometimes). Did it about ten times last night as my farewell to the RT exploit.
  12. I've been lucky so far, no resets (been quitting via menus since the start, just 'cause I'm always paranoid about such things). And I replay/restart every chance I get...mostly because there are only a few missions I would call well-designed. Gerald keeps sending me Meth'd Up; he can take his 20 mile RV drive and shove it up his ass. Violent Duct and A Titan Of A Job are not just lucrative, they're fun. I think they need a lot more "story" type content if they don't want us repeating the few worthwhile events. Death matches and Races are just like 50 other games.
  13. I nearly always start a Closed Crew session, which gives me a world of my own. If Crewmates are on I can invite them, but so far no one in my Crew has successfully joined a Crewmate's session without being invited.
  14. It's pretty sad that I am "afraid" to sign into multiplayer today. My brother has told me that everyone is losing their characters, progress etc...what a mess. He had lost his first apartment ($80k) a day before the patch, and I trusted Rockstar when they specifically said that the patch had addressed that issue. So yesterday I bought an apartment for $205k...and last night it was gone. The most annoying thing is that their own Social Club stats show a $200k+ discrepancy, so they should be able to give it back to me...but they won't. And I'm okay with earning that money back...but why should I, when I probably can't keep anything I buy? I'm a very forgiving consumer, but Rockstar has me seriously thinking about my game store's return policy.
  15. From: http://socialclub.rockstargames.com/games/gtav/tutorials/properties/real_estate/ "You can get a free 2 car garage just for signing up to Social Club." That's from the "Online Guide", so all this talk of it being Single Player only doesn't make sense. It would seem that we should have a garage in online multiplayer...it's just that no one has it, or knows how to get it. I'm guessing it's one of the many issues they're trying to resolve.
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