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  1. I cant get into a gold rush match. It never comes up to be played.Anyone know why this is? Thanks.
  2. I figured Presidio too. Everytime I brought back a missing person, there was always a nice conglomerate of zombies. The only problem? Ive brought them all back. So will there still be a nice grouping? The only other thing I can offer is to try Sepulcro. Burn up the coffins and they will start to appear. I coudlnt do it this morning (f***in work), but I did see each type. If the Presidio thing is easier though, Id go for that.
  3. Sir, Id be delighted to boost with ya. I need a few of the same cheeves. Ill forget your gamertag by the time I leave work, so send me a fr. DollarBill04. That goes for anybody out there. Id be happy to help yous guys out with cheeves you may need in other games, if I got it.
  4. I cant find it at all. Im at 78% (i think). I dont even get this blue circle. Ive checked everywhere it says to to no avail. It starting to chap my ass. The goat thing is a good idea and will be trying that when I get out of work.
  5. Im game for boosting any and all multiplayer cheeves. Anyone who helps me, I will assist in any other game I can. Send a FR to DollarBill04. Thanks in advance.
  6. Turned it on this morning and this is the new stuff: Ice Hockey Enduro Tower of Doom Yi-Ar Kung Fu and there was one more I cant recall right now, dammit.
  7. I would like the Simpsons arcade game. It probably wont happen, but heres to hope!
  8. its all about Chopper Command. Best game you can get!
  9. damn, i hope this doesnt happen to me.
  10. Definetly Chopper Command, RR 1&2, Pitfall to name a few.
  11. For Score Biggest its the Frampton song, right?
  12. Bought this yesterday (finally). Need some help with some of the onlines, though im not sure exactly which ones right now. Im willing to help anyone who helps me anyway I can. Send a fr to DollarBill04 with the word "meep". I got a shit-ton of games so if y'all help me, Ill help y'all. Thanks in advance!
  13. Im game, pal. Just picked this up from my brother. Ill send you a fr when I get out of work. Send me one if ya dont feel like waiting. GT= DollarBill04. Thanks in advance.
  14. My brother just Gameflyed this, and Ill be borrowing it from him in the oncoming days. Would like to boost as many of these as possible so if youre interested, send a message. DollarBill04. Thanks.
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