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  1. Just letting you know they will just send you an American Version back. My friends Pal broke and he sent it in and they sent him an American back. But an Alternative is to buy a Pal console on ebay. I got mine for $65 just the console.

  2. Towel trick until I finish Gi Joe Pal then send it to MS and hope I get a fixed PAL in return.

  3. So your pal broke that really sucks. How are you going to replace it?

  4. I got my Achievement about two weeks ago and my tip is to just BOOST!!!
  5. Discuss the Achievements here.
  6. Hopefully it has a seperate Achievement list since I just imported this from the UK.
  7. I just imported this game from the UK and I can't wait to play it and Great Guide by the way.
  8. I agree the game looks so bad will get it on launch day for 20 bucks
  9. According to what I have heard this will be a US release only and no words if it's region free.
  10. I'm watching it been looking for a cheap copy of Halo 3.
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