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  2. Or, also known as how to get "Sharing Is Caring" achievement on Xbox One when you are unable to connect to Uplay services from single player? I haven't been able able to connect to Uplay since early Jan. Everything worked fine for the first month, and suddenly, started getting the "Servers unavailable" message when trying to connect to Uplay from the main game menu or when trying to access Kenway's Fleet. I have always been able to connect to Uplay when in multi-player mode, as well as access Uplay from the multiplayer menu. And, my Secondary gamertag was able to access Uplay normally from single player even when the servers were unavailable to my main gamertag. Even after spending countless hours online with Ubisoft support, and dozens of messages back and forth, I still cannot connect normally with my gamertag in single player mode. I even removed a bunch of people from my Friends List (even though that is a known PS4 problem), and no luck. Ubisoft claims there is something wrong with my gamertag. Microsoft says gamertag is fine. Since I know I am not the only one that is having the connection issue, I figured I would post a workaround. But, if you are having this problem, please pester Ubisoft support about it. They claim my situation is unique, and thus won't be fixing with it. If enough people pester Ubisoft about it, perhaps we won't have to do the following contortions to participate in the single player social activities. Start at the dashboard: - sign in with your gamertag. - sign in with "Add guest" and make sure the Guest is active (or use Secondary gamertag) - launch game - select "Skip" if asked to login to Uplay (hit "X" button) - at the main game screen, go to dashboard and switch to main gamertag - select "No" to continue Guest/Secondary game - select "Yes" to confirm Guest/Secondary progress will not be saved - sign in to Uplay (or create a new/dummy Uplay account with Guest, use Secondary Uplay account) - load your save - confirm your connected to Uplay by opening Kenway's Fleet You can now participate in the social activities, and get the "Sharing Is Caring" achievement. How/why does this work? It is a glitch/bug in that the game does not properly reset when you switch gamertag, and you are actually logging into Uplay with your first gamertag used (i.e. the Guest/Secondary gamertag used when the game was launched). Obviously, this oversight may someday get fixed. Hopefully not before Ubisoft fixes the issue with people not being able to connect to Uplay from single player mode. WARNING: since you will actually be linking and logging into the Uplay account with the Guest/Secondary account, this may cause you to loose your current Keyway's Fleet, and any other stuff you may have had when your main gamertag was originally linked to your Uplay account. So, if you don't want to lose your current Kenway's Fleet, or possibly mess up any unlocks you have in your main gamertag's Uplay account, you may want to create a different/dummy Uplay account for your Guest account. If you have a Secondary gamertag handy, you can use that instead of the Guest account. Sign in with both accounts, launch the game with the Second gamertag active, and then switch profiles. Any Uplay progress you make, Kenway's Fleet, etc., will be made to your second gamertag's Uplay account. Since this is obviously a glitch, and is creating a situation that isn't proper (i.e. your gamertag connected to different gamertag's Uplay account), I would suggest that you use this workaround sparingly, and refrain from doing it once you have unlocked the achievement/challenges.
  3. Found a workaround that can be used to get the social events achievements: http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=569316 If anyone else is having this problem (can't connect to Uplay in the single player game), please pester Ubisoft support about it. They are claiming it is unique to my gamertag, and probably won't be fixing it any time soon unless other people make them aware the problem is affecting other people.
  4. A use consists of a single race. Win or lose. A single lap at Top Gear West, a 30 second multiplayer race (on any track), or even a 1/4 mile drag race (each heat counts as a race/use). Daily design uses have to be OVER 100, so aim for around 110. People have gotten exactly 100 and didn't get paid. Daily tuning uses have to be over 50. Again, not exctaly 50. OVER 50. So, aim for 75 to get paid for tunings. Also, it is a DAILY tally. The tallies reset at midnight UTC/GMT. So, for people in the US, the DAILY reset is at 7pm Eastern or 4pm Pacific. The stats shown for the designs/tunings is cumulative, so you will have to track your daily usage yourself. And, since it appears there is a daily payment cap for the designs, you won't be able to get this in one day. Here are some daily usage stats that were posted: 75 uses, 0 for designs and 16k for tuning 100 uses, 0 for designs and 16k for tuning 105 uses, 19k for designs and 12k for tuning 110 uses, 19k for designs and 13k for tuning 120 uses, 19k for designs 128 uses, 23k for designs and 15k for tuning (using 2 different designs/tunes) 130 uses, 19k for designs and 12k for tuning (x2) 150 uses, 19k for designs 215 uses, 19k for designs and 55k for tuning 250 uses, n/a for designs and 64k for tuning 265 uses, 19k for designs and 60k for tuning 293 uses, 19k for designs
  5. It is a 'challenge', so you have until Dec 31 to decide. After that, the challenge expires, and you won't be able to get it any more. Well, assuming they don't have the same challenges sometime in the future again. Unlike an achievement, the challenges do not have gamerscores. In the case of Forza 5, they only unlock in-game badges/titles.
  6. If you are planning on completing the career, I believe that there is one of the series that will require a Modern Hyper Car? If you don't already own one of the other Modern Hyper Cars, then might as well go with the P1?
  7. If it doesn't show up in the list of cars available to purchase, you may need to quit out of the game, and hit the 'menu' button (old 'Start' button) with the game/app selected, scroll down to the All DLC option and see if it is waiting to be downloaded. You may need to manually start the download.
  8. They didn't change the prices on all of the cars, just the expensive ones. Someone posted a list in the Forza forums (can't find it right now), and if I remember right, it was about 25~30 cars that were affected?
  9. You need to flip it front over end, not roll it. Also, a buddy of mine hit the Rewind feature while trying to get it and it didn't pop for him, even though the game registered and auto-recorded the video clip. So, if it doesn't pop for ya, don't Rewind, but rather drive to the other end of the straight for a fresh approach.
  10. This might help point you in the right direction: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agcV-gj72U0]Forza Motorsport 5 - Head Over Heels Achievement Guide - Flip your car - YouTube[/ame] Others have posted doing it in stock or even rented SUV, as well as various other cars. Just get going fast enough and hit the grass sideways and cross your fingers.
  11. Vinyl test results: 150 uses, 1 vinyl: nothing 150 uses, 4 different vinyls, single car: nothing 140 uses, 2 different vinyls, 1 duplicate (3 total), single car: nothing None of them even got the 'try harder' message. Nothing at all. Also, you will note that there is no way to see the uses on a vinyl group when you view the stats (only downloads and likes). So, I am calling BS on the guy that posted he is getting paid lots of CR for his shared vinyls.
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