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  1. Thanks for all the updates dcstow, and the app andyc83. My player is turning into a beast thanks to all these VC!
  2. I just got offered the "vampires in Alaska" movie investment , I passed on it. I'll let you know the result.
  3. I had thought of doing that as well, thanks for the warning. I still don't know how to do a back up save on the XboxOne so I guess I'm committed on every decision.
  4. No answers? What did you do? Result?
  5. I'm on XboxOne so that might be why they aren't working.
  6. Thanks for posting this dcstow. I just tried the most recent one, and it said invalid. I'm typing it in exactly as you have written it, with caps and the - Is that correct? Cheers
  7. In the main menu when your over the "xbox live" option in the top right hand corner dose it say your firewall is "OPEN" with a green back ground? My mate had this problem yesterday, his firewall was not open, it said something else and was orange. He looked on google and had to play with his router, after doing this his firewall was open and he could join our club. hope this helps, im not very tech savy. any more questions ill try to help
  8. No you dont have to buy gold for the uk account you create. I agree this game is brutal, but i dont think its worse then MW2 "no russian " level. I still think about it whenever i am at the airport
  9. I can confirm, Yes with a UK account you can download GTA San Andreas from the Market place for 1200MSpoints
  10. I can only confirm that it let me download the online activation with a uk account in Australia. Ill see what is on the Market place with my UK account. Is San Andreas avalible to download on xboxLIVE , just not in Australia? If so im going to be super pissed!!!
  11. My copy arrived on Thursday from game uk. Game is great but the online code didnt work!!!! anyone else had this or know a way to play online in Australia. Thanks
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