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  1. Great guide, I now have the 1000g. Thank you!
  2. Hey all, I've been trying to purchase and download the Ultra dlc for Super Street Fighter IV now for days, the Xbox service status page says purchasing content has been down since 02/02/2018! That's a crazy time for a company as big as Microsoft to have not been able to sell anything digital. Even spoke to a member at Xbox and they said nothing can be done until service is back up and running. Has the service ever been down this long before? I bet it get's fixed when the sale price has finished and I'll have to pay full whack lol!
  3. I want this too. Would love to be able to share clips and images. I know it's possible now, but it's too long winded sending to One Drive and then from One Drive to facebook. Fingers crossed we get this back one day.
  4. I'll keep it quick and simple. For me, no achievements and I will most probably not play it. There are a few exceptions to this, like Street Fighter 5 and when Shenmue 3 finally arrives. Sure I might miss out on some great games this way but I have plenty with achievements to keep myself entertained.
  5. Hey all this game just received an update, I've not noticed an ACA Neo-Geo title get an update before now. Have they said the reason why?
  6. They know about the gold while offline is broke and I've heard they said they will fix that. One thing that has annoyed me is they changed some of my relics. I had two good ones for extra time on bosses. I had 45 seconds instead of the 30, but now with the changes, I only have 33! Some of the other relic stats have even changed what they do all together... :/
  7. I managed to force the Mission Master to pop, reload all the missions to start again and wait for the checkpoint message to show and then move on to the next reload. Managed to get the tracker to go up from 94%. It finally popped when I reloaded the first Sandoval mission. As for my other 3 weapon and document glitched achievements, I'm hoping for them to be patched.
  8. I was quite excited for it, but thought it was the poorest of the three so far, it just didn't grab me as much as I hoped it would. The one I was most excited for all along however is Iron Fist, not long now!!!
  9. As a whole soundtrack for a game it has to be F-Zero X for me. Every track is pure class. Definitely one for rock and metal fans. Other ones that come close for me are Double Dragon in the arcade, Super Mario World and U.N. Squadron on the SNES.
  10. Odroerir Almah Lost Horizon In Extremo Ingrimm
  11. GT: builder dirge Bah Weep Granna Weep Ninny Bon!
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