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  1. Looking to boost this have 3 ppl need one more Gt: subzero323
  2. I'm still trying for the achievement if you in let me know! i got 3 ppl
  3. Are ppl still doing this if so let me know I have another buddy willing. We have 5 now ! Need one more ! gt: Subzero323
  4. Anyone know of any of these are missable or online? Wanting to start day one but will suck if missable or any online and have to play again. Even tho pretty much all AC games are easy
  5. Looking to boost add me get: subzero323 I’m on allllllll the time. I’m crazy
  6. Anyone still playing this can’t find anyone playing ? Have extra controllers if it helps
  7. I have moved on with the story and there’s no rock area 3???? But I get a liethel map location with nothing there what am I missing ?!?!?!?
  8. Yeah man add me GT: Subzero323 I’m on after 6 can do anytime
  9. Ok so I have unlocked all nodes and the ach did not pop I restarted re set nothing I completed game again and nothing snybwag to did this would hate to start all over ?!?!!? Please help !!!!!
  10. Hello i beat the game and i seem not to have ramuh to complete the true ending, hes not in the Colosseum???? where in the post game can i find him??????? Please and thank you
  11. Hello I beat the game not true ending but guide says I should get the treasure tracker but I don’t see it in my inventory??????? Anyone have this problem or is it after the true ending you get it
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