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    I once had an akward moment just to see how it felt. I also live vicariously through myself:)
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  1. They're giving them away today. All you have to do is log on to the game and hit start.
  2. If you have a cleric dispel is your friend It will remove the ko effect off their weapons. Made the level nice and easy. Edit- also when you reach the end don't go near the Marshal. Instead skirt around left side of the map toward the ballista build it up. Whether you or the AI gets on it will kill the Marshal without a fight. Then just walk up to get the cut scene of him attacking and get an auto win.
  3. I've seen couple of premiums and decent items. There was a 450/480 shield with a of 2 magic guard buff a few days ago.
  4. A little late on this, but aside from the taking down of the title of of the Bethesda home site showing upcoming titles nothing has happened. It is worth noting that this has a lot more to do with than quality issues though. There's a good chance a large portion of it has to do with contract disputes and work stoppages.A lot of "shaking up" was going on. Human Head(The dev) apparently stopped working because of it. It in turn lead to what we have now which is,"The game will come out.....sometime."
  5. Thank You Yundee.

  6. Happy Birthday, gramps.

  7. Sorry haven't been on all yesterday. Well I tried on my PSP yesterday, but the PSP browser is rubbish and I couldn't access my notifications! :rolleyes:


    Hope you had a good one! ;)

  8. Merry Christmas Yundee.

  9. Happy Holidays hooligan.

  10. Merry Christmas Miss D. Stay sexy;)

  11. Merry Christmas Ala. Hope the holidays find you well.

  12. Merry Christmas Lil' Miss and a joyful New Year.

  13. He's probably from Austrialia or New Zealand. EDIT Ninja'd
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