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  1. It's rare that I take the time to say "thanks" in a guide like this (call me rude if you'd like!), but I have to say, this guide was very well-made. It eased the pain of having to collect each and every collectible, and having both a text and a video element really relieved stress. Great work!
  2. I'm looking to boost any and all multiplayer achievements. Please send me a message and I'd be glad to help!
  3. I absolutely loved this DLC. It was a fantastic way to end the series (or at least, trilogy) for good. Meeting up with all your squadmates and finally having the entire crew together at once was spectacular. The cheesy dialogue and random plot were perfectly okay with me; by this point in Shepard's career, he has the right to pick on his opponents. And who really cares that he called in his whole crew to take down his clone? Let's face it, the situation itself was rather dire due to time constraints, so the more people, the better. Either way, that's irrelevant. All in all, I'm definitely glad I picked this up. Character interaction was superb, and I was laughing consistently throughout the DLC. The Citadel is exactly fan service, and good fan service at that. Do I think it was worth 1200 points? Eh, I don't think many DLC packages are worth more than 800, this one included. But still, I would be willingly to pay 1200 points again for this quality of DLC. I say get this DLC without a doubt.
  4. They really added DLC achievements for a DLC that isn't available everywhere worldwide? This is stupidity at its finest.
  5. I believe I did so in-game in DC3, unless that feature has been removed.
  6. Congratulations!

    Anarchy Reigns [Guide & Roadmap] has been processed and published by Guide Team Staff member DEG23.

    Record of Agarest War Zero [Guide & Roadmap] has been processed and published by Guide Team Staff member THE DEADLY DOG.

    Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread. We look forward to your future submissions! Thank you!

  7. Merry Christmas! :D

  8. I'm looking for this achievement as well, definitely going to be an annoying one. If anyone could help it would be appreciated; I have 4 controllers of course. GT: iNf3Rn0 Lan
  9. I still don't understand, because you need one of the artifacts from the bottom area which can ONLY be accessed through the green gem gate. Maybe the game only requires the other 3 to advance the story...?
  10. Isn't the green gem required to advance in the story? How did you get through without it?
  11. Strange, they seem to be working for me. Maybe it's because I'm the owner of the videos and the links might be different? Either way the very first link is to the playlist so that shouldn't be embedded.
  12. Yep you really do have to keep circling him. I have a video connected to that too. Just out of curiosity, why is it that my videos aren't appearing in the guide itself? They are simply text links for some reason and I copied the embedding code from my Record of Agarest War Zero guide where they worked...
  13. Looking for Professor Portal and a Still Alive partner, and I'll gladly help you out with any other achievements if needed. Edit: I should add I have a 48 hour trial code to give, so all I need is a little bit of help from an alternate account.
  14. Hey everyone, I'm nearing the end of the cooperative campaign and would greatly appreciate anyone's help with the Professor Portal achievement!
  15. Thanks for pointing that out and for the compliment! Regardless, feel free to point out any areas that are incorrect, unclear, or anything else of the sort. I'd like this to be perfected before submitting it to the site!
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