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  1. Game not available when I go to download. I'm in UK. Tried changing location, but no luck. Is this a Windows 8.1 game only and not 8?
  2. It's okay thanks I've worked it out. You have to go to the daily bugle and work through the 10 photograph assignments with Peter Parker/Spiderman. 100%!
  3. Almost at 100% game completion bar 10 gold bricks that aren't showing up anywhere even with the gold brick detector on. Found them on all the story mode and bonus levels. Any ideas please?
  4. I can't believe how bad this game is. Mainly paying UT and is just a lag fest. No control over games or players constantly chasing fast players. Impossible to tackle oppo players on top of you as quick as a flash. Game feels awful to play. Too many player animations feels like the qe2 when turning or changing direction. almost as if players are treading water.
  5. FREE KICK CHEAT: Conceded a free kick goal last night when on pro clubs, where one of the opposition stood by our keeper who was clearly offside and proceeded to block him not to get to the ball, ball flew in and goal awarded, sort it out EA!
  6. Haha yes finally. I had to do the US gang hideous in 24hrs ( game hours not real time). Is this in the 100% guide, haven't noticed it.
  7. why aren't tomahawks available from Manzanita post to buy for me? Was this cheevo connected to any DLC as I only have the free DLC. they are just not there to buy, can they be bought from elsewhere?
  8. Oh yeah thats works sorry comparing stats with friends the missing one is Aztec GOld, does it matter that Ive done it with Jack and not his DAD? glitched?
  9. Thanks for looking, just managed to look California is the third one across. using a checklist Aztec gold and I know you are missing. But I did 'aztec gold' last night plus Im sure Ive done 'I know you', and read that its not needed for the 100% cheevo. Will try I know you again and maybe. can someone confirm please 1. what the second stranger is in from the top list , or im going to have to go to each stranger location on the map and see if ? pops up 2.Do the american gang hideouts all have to be completed within 24hrs for the 100% to pop.
  10. What am I missing please? I've done the aztec gold stranger mission thinking I was missing it, but completing that didn't fill in the missing circle and still no achievement for 100%. Can anyone tell me if they have completed that missing circle stranger mission what is says when you hover the mouse over it, my pc at home is broke and Ive only got a tablet to view. second circle in from left top row. Red dead social club 100% list The game is showing no more tasks or strangers outstanding. But the social club red dead website, is showing one stranger task missing. Is there something else I have to do, like complete all the hideouts within 24hours?
  11. Looking for help with the co-op and online stuff
  12. mp chuffing 5! went through the weapons you tend to pick up and you can't buy it if it's already equipped. thank f for that!
  13. For those trying for spec ops on veteran, iv found that they can all be done solo and to me are alot easier. check out xjohnnyroguex you tube channel, his guides were a great help and without them you won't get them done as quick. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=hig-NkkPLOs I just need a hand on firewall and fire mission which have to be done 2 player.
  14. thanks i'm hoping it's the ak47. there's no list on elite is there?
  15. ain't unlocking for me. do the guns have to be fired or get a kill with them? , so annoying. i'm hoping reading above that's is one of the grenade attachments. I couldn't see which gun had the GP25. Hope it's that, got the grip and concentrated in each weapon type before moving on. I gather you can just go through the list and purchase one after each other in the list like with hand guns you can buy them all in one visit.
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