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  1. They're wrong. Your preview version will update to the full game. It's because they pulled game preview from the store and added new versions. Don't worry, it's free.
  2. Had no clue you could duck under the devil attack with the legs. You make that fight look super easy. I got all A- on the levels but I'm slowly playing through expert.
  3. Looking to do all zombies achievements from the season pass. I've done SOE for the achievements, didn't finish the whole EE. Down to re-do it if someone still needs it. I'd also be interested in doing the IW zombies achievements.
  4. Delete and re-add the game to your collection. That will fix it.
  5. But you can boost all achievements in private so people who do this are just out to ruin it for everyone.
  6. Hold right trigger while sending units with X and you can do that. You can change difficulty vs AI by clicking on the AI in the setup menu. You can even pick who they use as a leader. I 100% miss the unit upgrades. Having an army filled with a certain unit and being in the middle of a battle and just barely getting the upgrade in time was so satisfying.
  7. You have to win one which is easy enough in 25 games even if you just get lucky. Blitz mode achievements weren't difficult at all. I agree it's not my favorite mode but it's not terrible.
  8. I agree. I'm enjoy it as well. Just wish social butterfly would track. I have 50 games played in all 3 locations but I'm only at 17 games played.
  9. It's a pretty easy 500-7/800 and a super long grind to 1k. Supposedly they may lower the billionaire achievement but even still it's not an easy 1k.
  10. I contacted 505 support and literally 30 min later they added everything to my account. Fill out a support ticket and include your invite code. If they said wait it out explain it's been days and nothing has shown up. They did say the servers are getting hammered with that dlc.
  11. Yup. Unlocked it today. Worst part was getting a capture map to come up in rotation without getting kicked into a new game.
  12. I'm pretty convinced the 10 hour rule doesn't exist. I've played waaaay more than 10 hours as I got my original 1k in about 8 hours and I finally got my certified item and while I was going the achievements with it I unlocked one more item. I used a new antenna every item and I noticed they take about an hour each drop. Fastest I got was 48 min and slowest was 1 hour and 8 minutes.
  13. I've gotten so many duplicates it's not even funny. I did snag a cake painted item but everything else has been uncommon topper. Still waiting on a certified item. It seems to be about one drop per hour for me. Edit: I put a new antenna on as soon as I got my last item and it took 46 minutes and 52 seconds for my next uncommon item. Still nothing certified.... Edit 2: Next item came at 1 hour 8 min. I'm also def over the 10 hour limit. Edit3: Finally got my certified after another 56 min and 26 seconds so it seems my hour per drop estimate is fairly accurate.
  14. That's weird because it worked for me. Sometimes the achievements in this game are buggy until a hard reset. All I did was score, switch and switch back with 15 seconds left.
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