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    Possably the first to get the "Unsafe Working Conditions" Achivement in Fallout 3 even wit
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    Cerritos CA
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    games duh hahaha

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  1. Shocked you haven't been on at all dude!


    I got an avatar costume code for you. One of Rosch. Since my avatar is female... I used the Nabaat one. I have no need for the code myself. Figured I'd give it away :D

  2. he also does the same jump as when he does the assassination in the opening. not really an easter egg, but anybody done the TA to a joy? that is hard core. and she also says" Let's rock, Baby" made popular by dante of DMC fame hahaha, I am just waiting for her to say "this is one hall of a party"
  3. last night while i was redoing level 1 for crafting items i ended up getting 140, the worst part is, all i did was convert them because i hate how it makes you use red hot shot even if its not set in your invintory, thats weak
  4. same, DMC has to be one of my fav games of all time, and Bayonetta is coming close, plus on a side note anybody notice how mucxh the phantom blade you get from WT when using the sword look like Neros when he uses his? just thought they both looked like Vigils DT slash. and one last note X360A is one of the last places I would have expected to come across an Ippo fan, i did not think it did well outside of japan
  5. there is no where, just be playing the game at *:00 and the bells will chime the hour. i assume if you are near one of the many churches that it will come in better, but I have heard it everyplace so far
  6. yeah, i noticed that too, i rung in the new year with some nazi melon popping hahahah
  7. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I haven't talked to you in awhile. MMO gamers unite! :p

  8. I dont really reply a lot, and honestly I am not sure why I am doing it here, but this argument seems silly, first off, I have seen some things in this game, and some stuff, and I would not recommend it hahahha. This game has some really over powered things in it already, and I myself can attest to the fact that some weapons i have obtained on just my first play that have ammo regen and dont state it, so i dont really find any of those stats to be all to bad, but i would like to know the level req, that in and of itself would tell me if it really was not supposed to be in the game. In the end if anybody were willing to track modded things (as xbox has done in the past) if you were to have any of the modded items or be linked to them your gamertag and perhaps live could be forfit, not something I personally would like to come home and see. My point in all this is, its far safer to not take weapons or items from people you dont know, and if something does look too good to be true, it honestly might be, so leave it there, and he said with the cookie, if it does look too good, it probably is hahaha
  9. you are teh best roxy =^__^=


    <3 you

  10. nice, grats roxy on the promotion =^__^=
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