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  1. Actually I was lucky and got the last 2 maps on Milita side and won though one of them had to change team so I could try to win. Now Im missing 3 maps for IMC. It will be a pain.
  2. The campaign, at least for me, doesnt play as a playlist, unless the host is always changing and then it starts all over again. Take a look at the times I've played each map.... Airbase /The Three Towers) - 4 Angel City (Get Barker) - 5 Boneyard (Here be Dragons) - 2 (i know its 2 though the game says 0 :x ) Colony (Colony) - 16 Corporate (Made Men)- 3 Fracture (Refueling Raid) - 23 Demeter (Battle of Demeter) - 5 Outpost 207 (Assault on the Sentinel) - 4 Relic (Odyssey) - 6 So for me, somethings wrong here, I'm playing almost the same maps over and over again. I like the game and I will keep playing but if you are trying to get the campaign achiev, then its kinda complicated how unbalanced the thing is.
  3. kicked out how? the game close? Anyway, its better you ask at the official forum. Somebody will know for sure what might be.
  4. Just won sphinx at one of the first quest of the norse booster pack. Finally!!
  5. I dont think it will have more achievements since the game now is free, as you could see with the babylons who don't have achievements. Its a shame but thats the way it is. I think the civs were all supposed to have achievements but since the game turned out free, guess its over. Ah yes steam shows the time. Regarding raptr, i dont think they track the time well but oh well, it doesnt really matter, it was just curiosity. But wait a minute... 118 hours regarding raptr. Thats a bit. Since i dont want more civs (no achievements) unless its one i really like, i guess im gonna start wasting EP in decoration and stuff like that lol Im starting now defense of crete so i guess it will boost the hours of the game since that thing take ages to get all the materials to build the statues. Its ridiculous once again ahah take care
  6. eheh good luck mate. Its been a while since i wnet to moe's, im saving money for it but unlike you, all my buildings were won by completing quests/treasure chests even though i've tried to get them through moe's. I do love the game otherwise i wouldnt be spending so much time with it because of these stupid lucky ass achievements lolol yes they are one of the words i've come across too and its ridicilous. Do you already got all the achievements? btw, where do you see the hours spent in the game? im curious about mine.
  7. eheh good for you. Do you remember when did you get sphinx? Even though that doesnt really matter cause you might get it anywhere.
  8. Im only missing the sphinx. The last one i got was Tomb in a legendary mission at alliance wars called defending egipt or something. I heard the sphinx its the most difficult to find and i can confirm that
  9. Yes of course. People here just plays it until they have the achievs eheh. I'll the same probably but if a oriental civilization pops up ill gladly play it just for fun.
  10. your right. Those vanity stuff and all the new stuff are taking away chances for the wanted blue prints to show up. Im gonna run argos again though i've reached level 40 in egipt.
  11. Is it me or it seems that most people here stop playing AOE after the latest update which it didnt brought any new achievements cause this forum is really dead.
  12. For those that wanna rush to level 40 and have the fertile booster pack or whatever is called, there are a few quests that can get you 90k in around 20-30 minutes easily. Simply and easy missions. You just have to have the fertile boost pack which costs 450empire points though mosts of the missions are really fun and diferent from the ones from the main quests and boring argos.
  13. Does anyone knows if its possible to get Sphinx, Tomb or small step piramid while playing the fertile crescent missions? The new missions pack. Im already 40 in Egyptian and i'm missiong those buildings.
  14. I've quit playing it since that day. I really like the game but im not going back again with the remote chance of getting everything back to zero once more. I would rather spent hours in another game.
  15. This challenge seems a bit hard and weird. Without almost hitting anything, i still finish 10 seconds beyond the gold. The car is GT-RSpecV for everyone. Can anyone give me some tips please? "Windy City" Challenge Series GT-RSpecV Showdown:
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