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  1. I Don't think its just me as I've replayed the start and both times and the girl doesn't appear to be animated and programmed correctly so just floats around randomly before going through the bars i'm guessing this is why this game didn't get a trial! Don't get me wrong its a beautiful game and its a great idea just for an arcade game just the animation can be horrible (mainly on cut scenes) Anyone else had issues?
  2. another question if you buy souls with ms points do you get them back when ascending?
  3. I had a lvl 11 with the god of chaos wanted to try the other gods as one said it was speed but forgot witch one and felt my character was good but slow so went to change. Ascended him and ended up picking void god now found the game quite tough and everywhere was chaos and had to fight some random guys for the area back, so decided to go back to the starting area and in the tutorial part i was met with a giant ogre/troll that could 2 hit kill me (lvl 8 now) luckily he was glitched and couldn't get to me so i just spammed magic at him decided the last hit would be meele and ended up un-glitching him. eventually got past and met some of the smaller boss type guys (quite a few) was barely any of the little trolls you fight all larger ones like the guys you fight around lvl 11 with the shields had replaces them as well. Is there any way to start new? I've ended up making the game almost impossible!
  4. There is ws asked if I wanted the season pass with my pre order!
  5. Hi im stuck at the part where you are being chased by the helicopter that is shooting the glass panels that beak away as the last 2 rows go and she cannot jump that far. Any tips?
  6. Been doing all the side quests before going to the everfall for the first time. Got the quest to escort Selena to the healing spring, though it was the one near gran soren but realized it was further away. went the wrong way and got attacked by a chimera turned my console off as it poped up quest failed yet selena was fine. Looked at my quest list and its not saying ive cancelled Bury the dead Harpy Hunter Oceans bounty A Taste to be acquired Eye for an eye Set against the dead and Evil Underfoot Anyone know why this happened?
  7. DA started off from my old DD character that was a warrior that I hadnt long started a new game with so was only lvl 11 or so. Played DA all day since I got it so was now a strider lvl 19 Am a ranger but unlocked strider to get the double jump ability that your meant to get at the start but its not there! Is it unlocked at a different level now I noticed I cant find alot of the starting core skills! (Seen from guide book I was using for map guide) Then went back to the original game and I was back to being a low level warrior so im wondering if this is a bug or due to it being seperate disks that they are classed as seperate game saves so in DA I could be my ranger but in DD I could start a mage?
  8. I wouldn't know about about that as i'm not a big street fighter fan, Though i do know I got street fighter then they brought out super street fighter and that was pretty much the same except contained 2 new characters and probably a map but it was a separate disk with separate achievements they didnt make it that if you owned street fighter IV if you wanted the new dlc stuff you had to buy a new game!
  9. Got it today and played dogma a few days ago and noticed on the achievement list it was classed as DD: DA (Dark arisen) so the reason there was no new achievements is due to it being essentially the original game but with fixes, aka new content rather than DLC! Also for the people who kept to the original Dragons Dogma it would thus mean they would have achievements they could not get unless they buy the new game as its not in Add-ons!
  10. Got this for my mother and she never plays it so thought I might start playing it myself but didnt want to play it and have say 1 achievement unlocked (hardcore gamer dilemma!) Seen on another thread that most can be done just takes time and daily play. My question is there a fail mode? In other words can you fail the hardest difficulty if your not doing the right moves like most dancing games?
  11. Is there any word of a release date it was advertised on the dashboard for January games
  12. Natz

    karaoke Pass?

    How exactly does this work at first I thought I better not play it in case its a timed demo but looks like you pay 800ms for a day and get all the available songs Also is it just me or does it seem quite expensive I have rock band 3 I can buy around 10 songs for that price to keep forever (also they work with multiple games)
  13. I've seen and personally know that people have glitched that ruin there gaming experience of Skyrim but decided to make a thread for the weird,funny and awesome glitch's people have had! So my funny glitch is: My main character is a level 81 kajht rogue that uses just bows she has a wife and I adopted 2 kids (adopted a boy cos he had an awesome name then adopted the girl cos she threatened to kill people). The glitch I have on this save is after giving my son a new outfit he decided to be a nudist!... yeah i'm a stealthy lesbian cat with a nudist son and a psychopathic daughter... A weird glitch I have is: My newest character is a Orc warrior when going to dump items in my house in Whiterun, when I left and looked at the blacksmiths a white dragon fell from the sky and landed at the side of the bridge. It cant be absorbed or looted its just dead... found it appearing again but hugging the gate and again near near the bridge, and outside Whiterun at the stables. After all these random appearances I eventually thought he was gone but my latest time playing as this character I noticed something bob up at the bridge so looked under and found him stuck under it. Dragonborn has a stalker...
  14. It does say 20 weight on it ive checked
  15. Are you sure its a glitch or are they getting in the way of your attacks/spells? They barge past me and stand in front of the person i was about to attack all the time (thus why if i have a companion with me its cicero or the vampire woman) I get loads of glitches most are just weird and make my character seem weirder than I've made them then there's the elder scroll stuck in my inventory (wasting 20 carry capacity) and the game freezing to the point it takes a few mins to actually turn off after pressing the power button!
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