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  1. Not the best of games but I kinda liked the story. Got it free so who am I to complain.
  2. Tsaako

    Small question

    Thanks for the quick reply.
  3. Tsaako

    Small question

    Recently just got an Xbox One so fairly new to everything. Anyway, when I click my achievements theres a game I don't own that has no gamerscore on, it's only from where I forgot to sign out. Is there anyway of removing the game thats got 0 achievements on?
  4. With the upcoming release of GTA V, I've decided to give console game in general another try. I had moved on to League of Legends and basically lost interest in playing my Xbox. Looking to balance things out a bit now though between the two. Anyways, it's been a good while since I was actually active on these forums and posting frequently. Because of that, I've missed out on some news and games etc. Anyone care to give me a tl;dr on whats been going on in the past 6 or so months? Any important topics I should take a look at? etc Honestly had no idea where to post this, so yeah, apologies if it's in the wrong place. Thanks.
  5. Halo 2. Me along with a few other people went to a mates house and he had an xbox and Halo 2. After having so much fun on 4 player multiplayer, i was hooked. Made it a weekly thing (sometimes daily). If only I could go back in time and relive those moments.
  6. I rarely encounter any people who abuse / glitch / exploit when I play online. When I do, I chuckle for half a second and that would be it. The guy will most likely be gone next game.
  7. To be honest, multiplayer achievements don't bother me as much as it used to, I can tolerate them aslong as their reasonably obtainable.
  8. Eh, I enjoyed the PPV in general despite what people have been saying. It wasn't the greatest, but it was alright. I do think it's time to stop using open roof top stadiums for the PPV, it makes the crowd seem "dead".
  9. I could care less about the constant internet connection, I never appear play it offline anyway. Block on pre-owned games is what will annoy me if it is true.
  10. I've had had an achievement keep me up all night, I'll usually give up at somepoint and "try again tomorrow". Sometimes I'll stay up a little later to finish a chapter in a story or quest though.
  11. Off my current collection of games, I'd say around the 5000-6000 mark, given that a whole day is around 12-15 hours of gameplay.
  12. Skyrim Halo 3 Hitman: Blood Money Theres more but I can't remember from the top of my head.
  13. I troll about EA here and there about how their bad to the gaming industry and that but I do like some of their games. It's the micro transactions and closure of servers that bother me and the whole money grabbing selfish thing is something I dislike.
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