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  1. All I remember thinkin was "She looks very familiar..." It wasn't until the next day that I looked at the game's IMDB for character voice actors and seeing her name for it to click. Then I felt like an idiot, lol
  2. noticed Jack's body temperature too, But my favorite was went I went into Liara's room to talk to her, and she pointed out Glyph to Shepard. After that, the whole conversation had Shepard and Liara following Glyph with their eyes, even though they were speaking to eachother. It was funny until Shepards head spun around like the he was in the Exorcist, then I was creeped out...
  3. So I get that the stat counters are reset, but did you also lose your achievements too? that'd be plain BS if you did. I remember this happening to my friend's ME1 achievements once, and another friend had this trouble with his DA:O achievements. But those are the only times I've heard of achievements simply disappearing, besides on forums. I sure hope you weren't doing an insanity run.
  4. I usually see these types of problems pop up on EA games. They're usually tied to some sort of server reset
  5. I tend to always play an assassin-esque character, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve... I alchemize paralyze potions for my bows Persephone's Bow- 50 DMG glass bow with 1-sec Soul Trap (instant sneak kills mostly) Demonforce Bow- 50 DMG Glass bow with 30 fire damage and then there's my dual wield daggers Ebony and Avorice (Ebony and Glass daggers) 42 & 46 DMG Ebony- Drain 12 HP and 30 frost damage Avorice- Banish lvl 30 conjuration and 30 shock damage
  6. Somehow, i'm glad I read this... I have a hunch that this might have hampered my questing since I'm in the same boat (having initiated Urags book quest before seeking the Elder Scroll) Great Question, and great answers. Thanks guys
  7. I've had this problem every single run-through on my game, and have only been able to remedy this once. When Darcie and Bob reunite in the Hunting shop after 7:00, they seem to do nothing but hug and talk and stand around. I try to interact with them but the game won't let me. I run out, and they don't follow me. I can get all the say to the safe house, and once inside, I see their healthbars slowly drop cus they were left behind. If I exit the Safe House, they both still stand around in the shop. It goes on like this until I either say "Screw this" or keep trying until Katie dies. Only once did they decide to follow me as I passed the gas station, and that's the only time I've gotten the achievement. Why won't they follow me out of the hunting store?
  8. The DLC are ALL great. Kasumi is a great character in general with her ability to cloak and deal massive damage. and her flashbangs also stagger enemies. Her mission is pretty fun too, the typical recon gone haywire Overload has you land on a planet where a facility is over-run with geth, and a Rogue VI is controlling them all. you first attempt to take down a comm satellite, and then you use the firewalker vehicle to traverse across the planet surface to enter a geothermal facility and a derilect Geth ship to shutdown locks to enter a base and takedown the VI. it's pretty fun. boss fight at the end is pretty inventive too. Shadow Broker as you know has you team up with Liara to find the shadow broker, and along with your standard building crawls, you also get control of a flying car through Illium on a high speed chase. there are also 2 boss fights in this one, which is pretty cool, the climax boss fight is pretty cool too. in then end, they give you a mission with a bit more of an open-world to explore with the firewalker, it's MUCH better than the ME1 worlds, and the boss fights employ new ideas that break out of the normal "Continuously shoot your enemy" I love them. welcome additions.
  9. My question is: "What class are you?" I found that when playing on insanity, it was pretty easy to keep everyone alive as an infiltrator. I had all the ship upgrades, but Jack was not loyal to me, so depending on who you choose, you may not need to worry about loyalties. obviously, you dont have Legions loyalty yet, so dont put him in your group or use him as a tech expert. just the additional experience (characterwise and playwise) though make the missions worthwhile. I suppose it'd help a bit if we knew who's loyalty missions your missing and your class to be able to determine whether you'd be "OK" going ahead, but it's generally adviseable to do ALL loyalty missions.
  10. Cain huh? you know, I've never really used it I usually keep the default grenade launcher throughout the game, I tried a few others but always went back to old trusty. I'll experiment tonight, as soon as I get back to playing, got a rushing krogan and 2 engineers coming out of an elevator on my "Thane GET" mission. Just picked up the crappy sniper rifle on Dantius tower and I want my old rifle back :'(
  11. I'm doing an Insanity run on ME2. just finished all the DLC, and I'm 2/3 of the way through the story, getting characters from the 2nd dossier list (getting Thane now) I noticed a few glitches this playthrough that I haven't before, and I was wondering if anyone else has found them, and if they made your Insanity run easier? the first glitch I was found was right after the conclusion of the Shadow Broker mission, I was tasked with destroying 3 Ymir mechs before they destroyed 20 cargo crates. now of course, this was near impossible on insanity, and I was dying a lot, until I ran across a small lift in the ground and was instantly lifted 2 whole body lengths high! I was able to manuever a bit, but mostly locked in place, until I ran through the upper reaches of the mountains, since they seemed to lack character collision detection. While inside the mountain, I could not be hit by Ymir mechs (though my shots also hit the mountain from inside and I missed, but I could step out of the mountain, rain hell from the sky, and step back in before I was shot. Best of all, Miranda and Kasumi were safe like me XD Another glitch occurred on Tuchanka during Grunt's loyalty mission where I was being chased by Klixens, but once again, I found myself floating in the air. I could run into obstacles and avoid damage, so you bet I pummeled the Thresher maw. anyone else seen these?
  12. I actually did kinda like the flood, they were a change in pacing from simply shooting elites forever and dodging bullets. The flood were the only enemy in the game where I actually said "Shotgun good!!!" Other than that, I never touch the Damn shotgun in any Halo game. Cannon-wise though, I can completely understand that there are no flood on Reach as there shouldn't be. Master Chief was the first on to discover them on Halo.
  13. I lost my composure when I saw that "Cake is 'not' a lie" quote... I immediately stopped the game, turned on AIM and IMed a friend the whole sequence of events. I have mixed feelings about this quote since it is so out of context of the game. the "Great Dekuh" tree was a nice nod though... especially since you go into the tree and fight spiders. That had Legend of Zelda written all over it
  14. L e d is correct, the aerial dodge move in the game is "Stomp" while fighting in the air, if an enemy attempts to attack, press LT + A to quickly plummet to the ground. you'll most likely need to dodge away after doing this too, but it is an extremely effective aerial dodge. The game also tells you this in the Advanced moves section as well as on loading screen hints if you die.
  15. When I first saw this game, I really wanted to like it, and I figured by buying it, i'd force myself to like it. Which is true, I love this game already. I think the problem is that the 3D castlevania's prior to this game were just not critically received, forcing Konami to look at what has been critically received. To be completely honest, When I used to rent Castlevania 64 as a Kid, I loved that game too. Symphony of the night blew my mind, and I think they Konami just wasn't completely certain how to put that "BIG CASTLE EXPLORATION!" into effect with Lament of Innocence. As for Curse of Darkness, I thought that was several steps above Lament. I really thought Curse of Darkness was a 3D Symphony of the night thanks to the friendly devils giving new abilities. The problem is all the critics and reviewers who make themselves so jaded that they dont even give a good game a good rep. This forces companies to try new things. While this Castlevania may not feel like a Castlevania in the exploration sense, look at the original castlevanias in the series. all side scrollers, action/platformers, 1 had almost no exploration. 2 was confusing, 3 only had branching levels, 4 was a remake of 1, Dracula X finally started really influencing secrets. There was a natural progression and I think we're seeing that again.
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