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  1. Looking to boost anything and everything. Just started a few days ago Gt: intheshallow
  2. Looking for a partner to help with End Game and some coop achievements. gt: Goldchubby
  3. Looking for a partner to help with End Game and some coop achievements. gt: Goldchubby
  4. I had the same problem when I was going back into the mission to collect every Accolade. Just don't skip any cut scenes like people have mentioned. It worked for me every time once I knew not to.
  5. I'm looking for a group for Realistic and Zombies. Let me know. gt: intheshallow
  6. Thank you for the update. I was just about to test it out myself as I'm having to get a VM for this.
  7. That part I have no idea. I will try to find out myself later this week when I have some time. I need to get VMWare and partition some space for Win 8. Or maybe just upgrade my laptop to Win 8 from Win 7. I don't know.
  8. This is exactly what happens for people wondering: If you choose to upgrade to Windows 10, you will have to use another computer/tablet that still has Windows 8 or download VMWare or something like that in order to play Windows 8 version of Solitaire. Windows 10 Solitaire is a completely different thing. When I upgraded, I did unlock achievements right off the bat. Here is the list: Go For the Gold Diamonds are Forever Become a Star Become a Superstar That was it. I had everything else done on the Windows 8 side and none of that was tracked to Windows 10 which sucks. But THANK GOD they are tracking my medals won. I am up to 8 right now. I would be incredibly pissed if I had to do another years worth of this. NOTE: Now because of these being tracked, I believe that say I stay on Windows 10 for another 4 months and get my 2 silvers and 4 bronzes that I need. I believe because it's cloud synced, that when I do log back into Windows 8, it will have tracked those other medals I finished on the Windows 10 side. Don't quote me on that. Maybe someone who has both Windows 10 and 8 right now can test it to see?
  9. NOTE: I made a mistake. DO NOT login to Windows 10 with your progess. I just noticed that it kicked it into another new list. So now I have to complete same thing all over again. Fucking great. Thankfully some of the longer achievements are completed but still, fuck.
  10. Can anyone help me boost my main character to Level 50. Also boost my ClapTrap to level 25? I can help you in anything I have in return. gt: intheshallow
  11. Looking to do most of the heists. I only have 1 completed. I do have Flecca Job being as host all set for someone to join in. gt: intheshallow
  12. I need help with damn near everything. Anyone willing? I can help with whatever you need in return. gt: intheshallow
  13. Need some people for Heists myself. I haven't started this yet. gt: intheshallow
  14. Looking for a boosting buddy! Gt: intheshallow I am usually on at 9 pm EST
  15. I need help power leveling claptrap for the most part and boosting my enforcer as well. I will help with anything you may need. Gt: intheshallow
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