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  1. firewx

    XP Glitch?

    I've made it to Rank 10 with 56000 xp, but now for the past few days I've played multiple matches and have gained 0 (zero) XP. Has this happened to anyone else, and if so, any solutions? I'd love to continue playing and enjoy some of the higher leveled cores and weapons. Any suggestions/ideas are greatly appreciated!
  2. Has anyone had any "issues" getting this achievement? I have a couple of cars, that when I look at the odometer when I start racing, their mileage is WAY over the 750 miles (one car is like 32k), yet I don't the achievement. Am I missing something? Any ideas?
  3. Same thing happened to me. To say I'm a bit upset is an understatement. Why wouldn't this game, like others, build a saved game file, as well as a backup? That would solve the problem immediately. If there was a glitch, you could go back and reload using the backup. What sucks even more is that I heard that Gears 3 will have some unlockables tied to the rank you reached in Gears 2. I had reached rank 61, with around 35K in kills...and now I gotta start over
  4. I'm in...I have none of the online cheevos and would love to get at least a couple if possible. I'm available to help any and all...just send me a friend request and attach a note mentioning The Outfit
  5. Same here. Would love to try this online and get a cheevo or two. Tried last night but no one plays this anymore. Send me a friend request with a quick note and let's game on. I'm usually on after 10 pm Mountain time (GMT -6)
  6. I think the clue to unlocking the mission achievements lies in the actual description... For instance, for the 2nd mission: Unlock and finish the 2nd mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite You have to unlock it first, which means playing Mission 1. Sure, you could play co-op online with someone and finish the mission, but unless you've unlocked it yourself on your single-player gamesave, I don't think it's gonna count.
  7. IMO, the game is an entertaining diversion, but not groundbreaking by any means. First, whoever said you have to start on easy and earn the better suits, then tackle harder difficulties, is entirely right. Would I buy it? If I could find a copy for 5.99, sure. But it's a rental...a free one at that, and I've enjoyed it. Replay value = nil.
  8. Each complete run through the career equals about 450 miles. So, run through it all twice plus a hand full of extra races and the achievement is done. If you find yourself beginning to hate the game because of doing the same race over and over, a simple solution is step away from the game and play something else. Nothing says you have to get it done, right now. I don't see it as a huge hurdle since I'm sure I'll go back and try certain tracks to try and improve my lap times so I can move up in the standings. The achievement will just come naturally that way.
  9. I don't think anyone is calling you an idiot. I can't verify the exact score needed since I scored something around 50-60 million on this. I do recommend watching the videos...they give you a lot of tips on what to do when faced with opponents. The videos have breaks in them though, most likely to pass over areas with no enemies. Milk the videos and the descriptions as much as you can. It took me about 3, maybe 4 tries before I got over it. Granted I've only rated "A" on Thorn's Castle and Airship levels...I heard the rest are harder!
  10. Anyone here up some gem collecting tonight? Send me a friend request...Fire Wx
  11. Any tips from the experts on an easy way to get the "Gem Collector" achievement? 75 points in a multiplayer match
  12. Yeah, I haven't earned the Level 10 achievement either...I think I can get as far as level 8
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