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  1. Any MLS fans on here? This league is really picking up. Third in attendance in the USA and the atmosphere is better than at other sports events in the US.
  2. I was wishing you guys the best when y’all had Tyrod Taylor but I guess The Bills HC didn’t like the idea of a black QB.
  3. Swagchester United. And NYC FC. Went to my first mls game this Wednesday and the atmosphere was
  4. Anyone looking to boost the online races? GT: DStyles23
  5. It is now official. Pogba just said goodbye to Juventus via Instagram. Swagchester United, we back son http://www.thecoli.com/styles/default/xenforo/smilies/wow.png
  6. Paul Pogba is back home Swagchester United, all the way up!!!
  7. http://www.thecoli.com/styles/default/xenforo/smilies/babylawd.png
  8. Thanks. I think I will take the safe route and just save and mop up all the other achievements before proceeding.
  9. Yes, after you leave virgil I went to the sanctuary right near Vault 111 and spoke with Preston thus prompting to build the device with him.
  10. I picked the minutemen as the optional faction. Is it too late by now? Or can I still proceed?
  11. This cap price on UT is stupid.
  12. Lost a lvl 50 Wizard against matheal. I was so close to beating him as well. I decided to get close to him to finish him off and... well the rest is history. Will try a Witch Doctor next. Was going to this glitch but screw it. This game is just so addictive.
  13. Anyone needs "Death's Breath"? I have 7 of them and they drops constantly now. Free of charge. GT: DStyles23 I'm off to work and won't be back online until 9:30 pm EST
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