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  1. Seriously tired of these f..ckin quiters they lose and all of a sudden the connection drops on dam queue seriously go play offline you tossers :mad: Dam hoping they punish them in Cod Ghosts this beyond bs
  2. The only jackass is you so please go back to retarded little world of what you call is ratio and seriously get a life Looked at your pathetic game completions and even 1 was way too much , more like 0 .... now GFYT waste of space
  3. I am so loving Tomb raider and well done indeed That is basically what I do when I get the chance
  4. Hey moron stick to the topic can you or are you a little slow LMAO
  5. Got mine done when it actually first started
  6. awesome so looking forward to this game !!
  7. Definitely is messed up it kept kicking me off live earlier today and even strangely when pressed to sign back in the dam thing briefly took me to the registration page WTF my Gold doesn't run out till 2015 :uzi: This needs be adressed ASAP
  8. This made LOL so hard :p:p:p:p:p You don't see how you could really really ? how about for creating a Fraudulent account genius :uzi::uzi:
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