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  1. Looking to boost as well. Will be online in 3 hours from now. GT = VanDerPlaat. Feel free to add me to a group.
  2. Looking to do "bros to the close" achievement tonight on Eastern European Time. My gamertag is VanDerPlaat.
  3. Yeah DLC was pretty difficult. If there is going to be other DLC I hope it's no longer about SF. I got the fourth mission with only one second left on the clock. It's about luck indeed. The first move Akuma makes defines if you will be able to defeat him in fourty seconds or not. The fifth mission I got by spamming the X button attack. Wasnt that bad. The ending was weird. Definitely hinted at more DLC but please no more fighting Akuma SF style. I want more Asura's Wrath gamplay! I got all the achievements though
  4. Same kind of missions for the achievement? About just as difficult I guess? --edit: Hmmm that looks a little more difficult even
  5. Seems like this is available on Live now. Anyone tried it yet? I'll give this a go tonight when I'm home.
  6. Btw isnt it strange that the achievement is already "available" but the second DLC isnt out yet?
  7. Finisched it yesterday. Wasnt that bad to get the achievement. I think I got in in an hour. I did get this DLC to complete my achievements though. But I didnt like it that much. It has nothing to do with Asura's Wrath gameplay. It's like an entirely different team made this DLC. That said I didnt mind paying 2 bucks for it and I will definitely get the other pack as well. But still... Why would you add this kind of DLC... It's fighter gameplay... I think it's just odd.
  8. Hmmm that's a little dissapointing. I'll be checking this out tonight though. I want the game to be 100% completed
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