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  1. finally put this game in. need someone to trade with and when i dont have the kids im down to try some coop or vs. add me if u like. disgust462
  2. also added some ppl from this thread. gt - disgust462
  3. i am also looking to boost the DLC chievs. if any party is on and looking for an xtra body send me a msg. GT: disgust462
  4. still lookin to boost this. send me msg/fr we can get this done.
  5. i should be around that time july 1st. wont add myself to the list because i dont wanna be that guy that doesnt show up. but sum1 has me on his f/l so if he sees me on hit me up with an invite.
  6. there have actually been some sessions going the past couple of days. i havent signed in today yet but im guessin a few of us are up for it. so whoever is available get a hold of me i can let u know if we are boostin.
  7. finally got this done thanks to disco and his buddy.
  8. I'm up for FF2 boosting asap! let me know when you can do it.. add me on xbl: I iMaTrix I :)

  9. i may be able to be around at that time. will make a post later if i know for sure im not going boating or any other activities.
  10. 1. Chaos420666 2. Swanny5150 3.disgust462 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  11. like usualy i will most likely be around sat to help boosting but cant promise anything so i wont put myself on the list. (it is boating season.) as for weeknight boosting i am down for sure but i dont usually get off until 10ish/11ish central time. but then have the rest of the night open.
  12. also lookin to boost this game. not sure what version i have though.
  13. doesnt look like this weekend is going to happen, but just in case i wont put myself on the list but i should be around sat after my errands. so if u guys do end up getting together send me a msg and ill respond once im on.
  14. curious now if i missed this hidden one again. i will finish the game again n see what happens once i get some motivation lol.
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