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  1. If you follow Lazalia's exploits, you'll know that he actually switches to a build more like Lia Knowles, but only AFTER he achieves 100% critical strike with gear. The thing about it is that when you're under 100% critical strike chance, the extra 5% crit/damage from the top tree in the Lazalia setup will produce more DPS than the marked targets feat in the Sentinel tree. That said, I would advise gushing wound over the run speed in Lazalia's mod 6 build unless you plan on soloing a lot of content or trying to fight bosses when your team is all dead.
  2. The thing worth noting is: you can always go back when you're level 60 (or 70 or whatever) and get the bag, and it will take a tiny fraction of the time it would have taken while leveling.
  3. I have leveled EIGHT characters to 70 solo, so I've learned quite a few shortcuts. This information is relevant at time of posting... this game changes a lot, especially the economy, so use discretion regarding value. If you follow these instructions and luck out with a little intuition choosing quests, you should be able to get to level 60 in 18-20 hours and from 60-70 in 26-28 hours playtime. Great Weapon Fighter is by far the fastest and easiest character to level, followed by the Paladin (the Paladin is very fast 1-60 and considerably slower in the later levels but his survivability is helpful for some players). - Buy the Mulhorrand Ensorcelled Main Hand / Off-Hand set for your class from the Auction House. It's epic-quality equipment that scales with you from 1-70 and is super cheap right now (less than 15k for the set). This will save you more time than an XP booster. - For levels 1-60, buy the lowest level head/arm/foot pieces in the auction house that allow you to slot gems and and slot the highest rank Azure (blue) enchantments in them that you can. If it's your first character, focus on doing daily skirmishes and quests that will earn you AD and allow you to skip the Joseph Linkletter questline that takes forever. - Plow through areas as fast as you can. If there's an optional quest that has you collecting 50 mushrooms, maybe don't do it. - Skip Neverdeath Graveyard! It gives you a small bag when you complete all the quests there, but it's one of the longest zones in the game. Same goes for the later portions of Tower District, Vellosk, Rothé Valley. - Don't do dungeons!! They take forever and offer very little XP rewards. Once you're 60, the grind begins... - Buy blue armor pieces off the auction house for every few levels (i.e. 62, 65, 68). Don't pay more than 500 AD for any piece. The extra HP will help you a lot while leveling. Carry a few higher level pieces so you can swap them as you go and avoid travel times. - Buy injury kits and health potions. Go nuts. You'll get lots of gold while leveling, so buy what you need and use it liberally. - Only do Vigilance Tasks that take less than 5 minutes. It's not always easy to tell which take longer, but if you've been at it for 3 minutes and aren't halfway done, abandon it and choose another. When you've exhausted the quick ones in the area you're in, simply go back to the last area you were in and repeat the easy ones there (or even travel back to Drowned Shore and do those). This will SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the amount of time it takes to level up! - Fiery Pit is the best area for leveling because of its size. Almost all Target kill quests in all areas are fast and worth doing. The first area of Drowned Shore, the first area of Reclamation Rock, and *all* of the Fiery Pit are the quickest areas to hop between. The Tome of Air quests in Spinward Rise are pretty quick, but the rest of it is a huge waste of time. Other than Drowned Shore caves, if you have to go in a door, it's not worth doing. Completing 8 quests in an area (each zone has 3) will get you a bunch of XP and further in the questline, but it's not worth going out of your way for. - Equip blue (Azure, XP gain) enchantments in your head, arms and feet slots, as well as your belt and neck if those have utility slots -- anything between Rank 5-7 is good. These can be found on the ground or in the Auction House. Consider buying a cheap level 60 artifact belt and/or neck piece off the auction house just for the utility slot if you don't already have one - you can filter your auction house search to 'Utility Slot' to find them easier. - Buy the "Inscribed" XP gain pants and shirt from the Zen store by exchanging AD for Zen via the Astral Diamond Exchange for an additional 20% XP boost. This will be account-wide and help you get the achievement for two heroes. - Artifacts are easy stat boosts and super cheap from the Auction House. Any of them are good, so pick your favorites and slot them on your character to make life easier. - A fast mount can significantly reduce travel time. Unfortunately, they are not cheap. Consider upgrading to a blue Zen store mount if you have a lot of AD (~200k). VIP Rank 3 (I think) offers a summonable travel sign post and will also increase your speed. - If you have VIP 7+, commit suicide after completing objectives for a quick teleport back to the bonfire. - Join a guild that has boons. Many guilds have started unlocking their boons and are eager for new players to join. They often advertise in the Protector's Enclave chat. If the guild has boons active, you'll be able to equip them and live longer and do more damage. - Send randoms you see invites, especially those doing the same intro quest to an area as you. Send an invite and coordinate in chat or a party to make sure you're opting into the same quests. - VIP, XP boosts, and double experience events will also help, but may be pricey unless you have a lot of AD left from Mod 5. Check out the Zen market and the Calendar (both in the start menu) to see what additional options you may have.
  4. http://mmominds.com/2014/10/14/lazalias-high-crit-build-for-pve-gwf-destroyer-mod-6/ Lazalia's build is good for your situation. Get lots of critical chance and ciritcal severity on your gear and boons, and learn how to buff yourself and run in circles around enemies while you fight.
  5. You might not like it, but limitations like these actually compel you (psychologically) to keep playing. Limited vault space ties in with RNG loot and grinding to keep it relevant. It's all about keeping you playing. Every single complaint (and there are quite a few) you can levy against Destiny is actually a feature by design. http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/131494/behavioral_game_design.php John Hopson is head of user research at Bungie. In Destiny they've made a treadmill where you eagerly anticipate your weekly marks, loot, and RNG drops and then immediately hit caps that cause you to have to delete or spend to avoid losing future rewards - and spending means even more gear juggling. In this way, you are your own worst enemy in the game and the loop is able to continue ad infinitum. The small vault space and paltry glimmer/marks maximums are part of the core gameplay experience.
  6. I love the multiplayer. It took me 3 days of getting my ass handed to me over and over to figure out how it all worked, and once I got the hang of things I was doing much better... when I wasn't blowing myself up with my own explosives (that awkward grenade arc). Thinking 'Dead Sectors' was the same as 'Domination' or 'Territories' was a huge mistake, and I'd explain the differences here but I'd rather own some noobs in September instead. I also like the Iron Banner. I dig that in most modes everyone is level and then there's an area where the ultra try-hards can go and compete using custom load-outs. It adds another layer of strategy... choosing perks, guns, and armor to optimize the game to your style. I think probably my biggest complaint is the grenades. The area-of-effect grenades aren't always easy to see. There were probably at least a dozen times that I wandered into, or stood in, an enemy's grenade simply because I had no idea it was there... I had to review "Xbox record that" clips just to understand what had killed me. ... Oh, also Bioshock 2 multiplayer was excellent. I owned at that game and had a blast playing it. Haters always think they're looking down but it's rarely the case.
  7. You're very wrong about Golden Gun. It's your super move and when you kill people with it, you drop orbs of light that replenish your teammate's supers. Not to mention it's a one-shot kill and penetrates to kill anyone behind the player you're shooting at. It's the only super move that requires precision and if you're not a born headshot king it's probably not the class for you -- although in the full game the alternate sub-class uses an electric knife instead of a pistol, so it's probably a lot like having a Halo sword. I don't play Hunter but if I see one running around glowing orange I'm going to stay out of sight because if they're any good at all I won't stand a chance in a gunfight with them unless I snipe them in the head before they can body-shot me. Not using your super move successfully is the key to losing PvP battles.
  8. Hey, it's you... @OP: Just use Local multiplayer for the multiplayer-related achievements or find some friends who managed to download the game when it was free. Playing in public matches is a f-ing nightmare. You'll want to boost yourself a second huntress using any of the million XP farming methods and then use that as your second player when doing some challenges. That way you can be in two places at once, assuming you can juggle the controllers (or in some cases, simply rubberband them). I had three friends introduce me to this game and then promptly quit playing, leaving me to earn the achievements by myself. It was not as fun as playing with others but way better than having your items stolen or sitting in the tavern -- which is all anyone does online, is sit in the fucking tavern. None of them ever play, they just collect the modded stuff and play the Assault Challenge and cheat as hard as they can.
  9. This is the case with every game. Not a knock on you, but so many players are so quick to look for modded gear, shortcuts or glitches these days, they don't even realize that games have been getting easier and easier and easier. They die once and they give up immediately, or they allow others to convince them they're incapable. It's to the point of annoyance for me, as games like Dark Souls used to be the breath of fresh air for people who seek challenges but even Dark Souls is getting and will continually get watered down. Rant aside, you made a good choice; good for you.
  10. Edit: Between 8pm EST - 3am EST co-op mode is absolutely atrocious. Beware of playing this game with friends during these hours, the harsh penalty of having to wait 15 minutes between attempts at a level may cause infighting and morale issues.
  11. What the guy above me said. FromSoftware doesn't give a shit about what level you want to stay at. Once you enter NG+ you will be matched against ANYONE. And if you stay in NG your soul memory will get so high you won't be able to be matched anymore. Think of this what you will, but the obvious play is to level up as far as you can unless they change it in the future.
  12. I did a no-bonfire run on NG+++ with a melee character. Since I couldn't attune spells during the playthough, I pre-attuned 5 Flame Swaths and 1 Sacred Oath. I didn't find it all too difficult, and I rarely used the Flame Swaths. PS. 45 str, 40 dex, 40 vitality and 26 everything else. King's Shield, Ruler's Sword, and dual mundane Avelyns.
  13. If you beat Darklurker in the Abyss it opens permanently and you can go down there and farm the black phantoms for ascetics. If you kill them all, you can ascetic the fire under Castle Drangleic to respawn them, but you'll have to fight Darklurker again (or do what I did a few times and simply die to her and go back to farming -- after all, you're there for the ascetics). If you wear the hat/torso/ring for item discovery you should get a lot of them. Then Navlaan and Darkdiver both sell a stock of 10 of them in each playthrough, and there's multiple chests around the game with them. I did 4 complete play-throughs and always bought them and farmed them when I had time.
  14. 1. Put down your summons sign right in front of the fog door for bosses. Especially bosses people complain about on the internet like the Sinner, Ancient Dragon, etc. Use Red Eye Ring and know how to fight the boss. Easy souls, plus you'll either level up SunBro covenant or earn Tokens of Fidelity for the blue covenant duels (you can also use them to heal the host if you primarily like co-op, sort of like weak Elizabeth mushrooms, making white soapstone summons ironically more rewarding than yellow summons). I stopped SunBro'ing as soon as I realized the altar didn't want my 99 medals. 2. Farm red phantoms for their gear. No, the red phantoms don't give you much, but most of them only spawn once, rarely drop their gear, and require bonfire ascetics to get them to respawn.. and bonfire ascetics cannot be used without first beating the area boss, meaning if you want this gear you're likely to acquire a lot of souls in the process. When I farmed for the Painting Protector set it took me 45 (!!!!) ascetics on the Guardian Dragon's bonfire to get all the pieces. I beat the Guardian Dragon 45 times! This gave me about 10 million souls and a a few dozen Guardian Dragon souls... I had earned so many souls from this process I just put the boss souls in the item box to avoid having my soul memory go crazy. 3. Rat Authority/Vanguard farming - If you kill Rat Authority/Vanguard, you get a rat tail. The rats in the area also have a rare chance to drop rat tails. So you can get a decent amount of souls doing this while also leveling up your rat covenant status without doing the painfully cheesy rat covenant PvP. 4. Ruin Sentinel set - the Ruin Sentinels in the castle drop their armor, but there's only six of them... so you must ascetic the bonfire by the King's gate to get them to respawn. Killing 6 ruin sentinels, Nashandra and the throne guys will also result in a lot of souls, and eventually the Ruin set. I have like 50 million soul memory and probably 150 boss souls in my item box. I farmed for, and acquired, all the unique weapons and armors in the game, and never once farmed for souls on purpose.
  15. I always start with strength and vitality, and some dexterity. For a game like this, I main sword, shield and bow. I usually shoot for 19 VIT, 19 STR, 16 DEX or so before touching any other attributes. This puts me about here: VIG: 6% - END: 6% - ATT: 6% VIT: 19% - ADP: 6% STR: 19% - INT: 6% DEX: 16% - FTH: 6% I then just keep this ratio as I level up. This is a good ratio for me for dealing melee damage, while allowing me to use some spells and mundane gear and be a bit versatile and well rounded once I start getting into higher levels. This time around, I stopped at level 225. I have enough souls on hand to level up to 300 or so, and enough boss souls to go to maybe 400 or even higher, but I am going to wait a month or so and see what kind of balancing From does and wait for DLC. Right now there's a LOT of cheaters in the Dark Souls 2 community (a quick look at the Champions tablet will show them plain as day) so either they eventually go away or I write this game off as a hacker's haven. I know I'm off on a tangent here but it's a shame this series has gone from being a respectably difficult game to a land of cheaters, posers and griefers who's greatest accomplishment is knowing how to use a USB stick. You can put so much thought into your build and your approach and your style and you're still going to get constantly outdone by cheaters. How can you tell if you've built your character well if 50% of all the other players have 99s across all attributes? It's a joke and From needs to auto-ban level 838 players who have less than 100 million soul memory or this game series will go to the dogs fast. Ok, I'm sorry, I love Dark Souls and I'll stop ranting now but the cheating is way out of control.
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