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  1. Barnes & Noble mostly. Amazon is cheaper by a lot, though. So they're hard to pass up. eBay is a goldmine as well.
  2. Time to buy! New items are up and ready for purchase. Click here for a link to purchase my Xbox games!
  3. A lot of new items added. Check the front page and the first post! Loads of games for sale.
  4. Some new listings up and a lot of Lootcrate stuff too: Items For Sale: Xbox One Fighter Within - BRAND NEW NBA Live 14 Star Wars Battlefront Skylanders SwapForce Starter Set Xbox 360 Dance Central 2 Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 - Game Only BluRay & DVD Game of Thrones Season 1 Game of Thrones Season 2 Game of Thrones Season 3 Codes Brawlhalla Lootcrate Exclusive Code
  5. I'll grab one for you. It's John Deere and now another one, too. But the Time Warner is still there for me as well. It's made the site impossible to use on mobile as the ad is only there for mobile.
  6. This has been fixed. If you haven't started Three Fourths Home yet (at all, like not even loaded it) you can unlock every achievement. I started, and beat, it yesterday and it works just fine now. But if you've already played before, still glitched.
  7. Download the Season Pass first from the disc. Then from the disc menu, click on each episode and download. Also, FYI, you do not need the disc to play after downloading the episodes.
  8. Still getting this type of pop up. Same location, same time, etc. But now it is for John Deere.
  9. There's already a stackable games thread. Should we be cluttering up this thread with the same information you can find in the other thread?
  10. You were trying to access a DLC-related power, such as Light. These cost money. There are plenty of free powers to choose from, such as Nature and Mental.
  11. I'm hoping so but with all the DLC out at launch and the achievements not, it's a long shot more than likely.
  12. The entire base 1K is able to get F2P but it's obviously significantly easier if you spend money on it.
  13. It's honestly everything I wanted in an achievement list for this game. 100% grinding. It's really what MMOs need. Elder Scrolls I feel, did it wrong with leaderboard achievements. This way I can play, have fun and eventually get all the achievements after I've fully exhausted the game 200+ hours from now.
  14. Seconded. Came on here to make this post today about this ad. I don't use pop up/ad blockers because I know that's how this site makes its money, but this one is unruly.
  15. Hi guys. I recently got the Season Pass disc for GoT. I was wondering if after I installed the Season Pass and all the episodes, if the disc is needed to play still? I was hoping it would just be a code like they used to do for Fallout 3 in-store DLC packs where you didn't need it anymore after it installed.
  16. A four year necro. I doubt he's still looking for these games lol
  17. The other easy games thread for arcade already includes W8 btw
  18. I've just read the last so many pages of this thread trying to find game suggestions. Sanger, thank you for your suggestions. The attributes are nice, but they aren't always needed. The only one I really look for is DO and *, and both of those are almost a given. DO you can literally do a quick search and there's your answer. * is in Sanger's posts. Anthony, I understand that Sanger has aggravated you but he is giving the most, and more often than not, the only suggestions for pages and pages. I don't understand why Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Phone aren't included in this guide. They are achievements. Now, the Windows 8 and Windows Phone achievements are included in the Arcade guide, and yet they aren't arcade games. You claimed Windows 10 isn't a game system, so that's why it isn't going on the list, but you have Fallout 3 PC included on the list. In the end, they're all games. Honestly, all of the quick and easy games should be in one, complete thread together. Arcade, X360, X1, W10, W8, etc. But that's my opinion. But, we have a thread for 400 and under, including Windows and Phone games, and we have a thread for 1000 and up, including 360, X1 and PC. Leaving out games with 1,000 GS under the Windows banner. Two threads. One of smaller GS and one of normal 1K GS. That's what makes sense. It feels like the hatred towards W10 came about because Sanger suggested it and suggested to vote out Fallout 3 (which makes sense if this is a no PC thread). And the reason you said no was only because you have a hatred toward Sanger. This thread has gotten completely out of hand. I've been a member on here for such a long, long time as well and I've seen each version of this thread. And, while this one has been updated the most, Anthony you're putting too much personal stake into the criticisms and suggestions that go on in this thread. Completely ignoring any suggestions that Sanger makes just because it is him is absolutely childish and, in the end, is harming the overall community and, also, the thread itself. Personally, I think it's time for someone else to take the passed torch for the thread and head it up. ______ In other news, because of Sanger's suggestions recently, I'm still staying rather strong in the GTASC. As for Quantum Break, I agree with the 10-15 if you're skipping out on all the story/episodes.
  19. I understand that Phoenix has a thread for the download only games with trial listed. I do think we need to mark, somehow, which achievements can be obtained in the trial. At least in the guides or something.
  20. I'm sorry, I know this is an older thread, but "In Too Deep" is not Blink-182.
  21. I don't think that season passes should go past what they said they offer, but they need to hold up to the hype. Fallout 4, while yes only partly released, is completely failing to me on their season pass. They raised the price AND the content is lacking. Compare it to Fallout 3. Many packs full of great DLCs.
  22. Easy solution: Don't download the app that needs a cable subscription.
  23. Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World It's one of the weirdest Murakami books so far, but still really good.
  24. SengIV

    Animal Farm

    I guess I'm still lost on how someone doesn't think it's a book...
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