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  1. Thanks. It wouldn't work for me as well.
  2. kvazzy20


    This game is currently on the xbox marketplace for $5. Is it worth it?
  3. I think the game looka great!
  4. I wonder how much scrapmetal he'll be able to carry.
  5. Is there a button to skip??
  6. Is it worth it to go through the first episode?
  7. Can this be changed at all during gameplay?
  8. sweet thanks! I had a horrible save so I had to back track a bit.
  9. How many points did you get during your first playthrough? Time it took to complete?
  10. What is the best weapon to give to someone who has joined your party? I just started the game so weapons are limited. I've been giving them a pistol. Seems like ammo does not run out.
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