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  1. I didn't get the 17 point comeback or 4th Quarter coaching adjustment achievement the first twice I tried them. I think, though I am far from sure, that supersim may have caused this issue as when I did these without supersim being used at all they both popped. Purely anecdotal evidence but perhaps worth a try for anyone else having difficulties with getting these to unlock.
  2. I got the achievement for all Ep 3 photos yesterday but it didn't pop. I didn't notice until a few hours ago though. In the meantime I waited about 24 hours, finished Ep 4 and 5 and played another game. When checking my GS for that game I noticed I had an achievement missing for Life is Strange. A few minutes later, while browsing this topic looking for a fix the achievement popped while on my Games & Apps screen. I don't have a fix but posting this for info. Might just be dumb luck and will pop eventually. No idea if there is an upper bound on that time though.
  3. I'd agree. I've been playing a little co-op as my best mate got this at the same time as I did. It is definitely more fun in coop. It feels like the game is more designed leaning toward having a small group together for play. The game can be rather infuriating on your own. I've died trying to extract from the Dark Zone a lot (though, this may just mean I suck) - however my success varies pretty much with how many enemies appear. Sometimes it is few and sometimes they swarm you with a shit load. For the core missions, they are easy enough on Normal. On Hard, a single enemy catching you off guard can kill you in a shot or two (happens to me at least). You get checkpoints every area or so, so it's never too many enemies until you get through. With better character/equipment/player this may be much less of an issue. I think the only achievements you couldn't get playing solo without it being a colossal pain would be: 20 missions as part of a group The Rogue achievements Doing all missions at Level 30 on Hard? I've done some on Hard at Level 21/22 solo and they've been a bit annoying but not awful. United We Stand requires co-op.
  4. I played this for about 4 hours or so with a buddy last night. It's good enough fun, and from the Road Map shouldn't be too hard or too long to try and get 1000G on. Really, it depends on you and if you have better things to do or other games you'd rather be playing. Annoyingly, there isn't a proper pause function in co-op and you have stats that constantly drop over time. Combine that with the inability to have characters in different areas and it's a bit of a bugger even if someone just needs to go pee or have a cigarette or anything like that. (If I'm mistaken about the pause thing please let me know!)
  5. Very useful guide. I was able to get 400G in 2 and a half hours or so. Annoyingly, if you hammer A on the title screen, you can end up restarting the game and it overwrites a save. Learned that the irritating way, thankfully didn't lose to much time.
  6. I would chose b, but honestly this game is one of the worst I have played recently. It's by no means the worst I have played on 360 or even close to the shortlist for it. But while Farcry 3 was a 9.5/10, this is like a 5/10. I'm amazed you can take the general gameplay of Farcry 3 and manage to make a game this irritating with it. I really am not enjoying this game and will force myself to finish it purely because I have it on my hard drive and it needs done.
  7. I think this game looks pretty damn cool. I'll definitely play the demo. I don't really get what you do in the game yet, but I'm interested.
  8. If anyone wants to buy a tuning setup from my storefront, I'll happily reciprocate and buy from theirs too.
  9. Works quite well, though I am actually struggling not to die on No Hope mode when fighting the floor mine things... Does your look sensitivity get turned down on No Hope? I see to aim really slowly. Anyway, have about 600k more to farm. Done Professional, got a few emblems left and then I just need Mad Skillz and Covered in Brass
  10. I'm about 90 Driver and 45 or so Affinity with Ferrari. I thought Driver level stopped at 99 but I'm glad it doesn't as it levels up fast and scores me substantial amounts of cash which is handy as I need another 11 million for one achievement (5 expensive cars) then even if I sell them another few million for the rest of the Ferraris I need.
  11. I'm having difficulty with these. I can reach the scores okay, but they don't unlock. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I'm doing it in single session with Rodney Mullen. I'm not manualling at all on the Old School one and using everything to get the Best Around. I've scored well over the requirements for both but neither seem to unlock. Any suggestions?
  12. I'm struggling on Hard in the main game, and didn't even get a bronze in the combat challenge I tried with Nightwing. I'll give your system a go though. I couldn't do Arkham Asylum on Hard so at least I am getting better.
  13. LOL. Just died in Chapter 6 for no good reason. In a room I previously cleared with full health and I just died. Basically dropped dead. I think it was a glitch, I really don't know what happened and I was looking at the screen. Oh well, seems I have decided it was more funny than irritating, in a move that has surprised me. I think I'm gonna restart on Thursday and use the glitch to get infinite power nodes in Chapter 1. Then I'll push my luck to Chapter 3 or 4 then save. Saturday I'll do from there to the Switch, then Switch to 11 (Save 2) then Saturdy or Sunday do 11 to 13 or 14 and make my final save. We'll see...
  14. I just think this is a very deeply flawed game. The core gameplay is flawed but generally okay. Some issues I have is the choice of button for locking on, as well as the fact the lock on seems to just stop periodically. Finally, the last boss I just found ****ing irritating. Cheap rather than hard, and the amount of times I got knocked off that gimpy arena was ridiculous. I wouldn't mind so much, but more than one time, my character moved in a really odd way after being hit to send him off. Boss travelling North to South, hits me, and I go North? Plus, camera angles were consistently awful. The level of crapness in the camera was actually remarkable.
  15. How do you get into AR mode when down the sniper scope? Only ways I could do was to do a dodge which then throws my aim off so I can't find the two guys again. If I boost, the same thing occurs. I really don't get how to activate the AR mode from the rifle, otherwise I might have a chance at this. Instruction manual is pretty useless for covering this, and the achievement guide and internet searches aren't being very useful, so I guess it is just me having issues. If anyone could help, I'd be very grateful.
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