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  1. so if I joined a friend for co-op and played in their game, what would I get after beating chapters? ex. do I get chapter completion achievements, do i retain the skill points i earned, does my progress for challenges and kills get added into my profile?
  2. well it looks like the long awaited answer to this question is...YES! PC's artorias DLC is OURS!
  3. so, what do you guys think the water represents in Downpour? It's obviously related to Murphy's son drowning, but is that all? The game seems to stress the importance of the water and the rain so much (its even the trigger for the otherworld shifts). And what did the rain have to do with it for that matter? (why does it make enemies come out and become stronger?) is it a reference to the prison showers? does murphy have a fear of water? I'd like to hear some ideas from ya'll, cuz i think the water/rain has a deeper meaning to the game and murphy (the game's called downpour after all) btw, i have beaten the game, so feel free to discuss how the endings could play into this as well.
  4. So apparently (according to a joystiq article), the pc dark souls is getting an expansion called "artorias of the abyss" where players will have to fight the dark lord artorias who has fallen to the dark. Will us console players be getting this expansion as well in the form of dlc? Because frankly, that sounds fucking awesome.
  5. i was excited for this game to come out until i see reviews for it getting 3/10, 5/10…pretty negative scores. i decided to pick it up the other day anyway, and i was pretty surprised; this game is not half as bad as the reviews make it out to be. what i found was a solid third person shooter set in a very history-rich (video game-wise) environment, a decently strung together set of missions, and a surprisingly addictive multiplayer sure, its a more action oriented take on resident evil, but reviews and fans acted as if they had been alienated by capcom and given the shittiest game ever. sure it has flaws (what game doesnt?), but this game is actually pretty decent, no masterpiece, but a solid game that is very fun to play, especially with friends. crappy controls? its really the same controls as re4 and 5 just sped up a little more to go with the more action-oriented feel broken cover mechanic? seriously guys? you run up to a piece of cover and automatically stick to it. its a great idea, and not once have i been running or been in the heat of some action and accidentally got stuck into cover (i do tend to take the game slowly, however) retarded AI? im not really seeing this. they take cover, fire at enemies, heal me when im low on health, and rarely get downed. they are a vast improvement on sheva, and you can actually choose what 3 squadmates you want to come with you to tailer to your own playstyle (going in guns blazing? bring the medic!) terrible graphics? really? they are on par with resident evil 5's graphics, and with a much more moody and engrossing level design and atmosphere shit story? well im only about half way through, but the story does take back seat to the action. there is a story there however, and fans of re2 and 3 will probably appreciate it more. these are just my 2 cents. i think the game is actually good and fun to play, contrary to the reviews and cries of "die hard" fans (the ones who hated re4, my 2nd favorite in the series, after re2). is anyone else actually enjoying the game and its rich atmosphere, or is everyone in the "its crap and not a real resident evil" bandwagon? thoughts?
  6. are you sure your endurance meter is not just, ya know, running out? you gotta let it recharge between sprints..
  7. so i didnt see anything like this on the forums, but i thought it would be a good idea to make a checklist of things to do before defeating the final boss and starting a new game+ To start off the list, heres a few of my ideas •kindle any bonfires to +15 or +20 estus flasks, as kindled bonfires carry over •farm for any valuable titanite you might need in areas that open up late in the game (such as the games final area) and make final upgrades to weapons •kill any NPCs for humanity and items, and fire keepers for fire keeper souls (they will all respawn in new game) •defeat any optional bosses (i.e. stray demon, gwyndolin, priscilla) •all locked doors will reset, so make sure you grab any items behind them (like gold pine resin in the undead burg, or the sword in valley fo the drakes through the new londo shortcut) •trade everything you can with snuggly in this playthrough, and you can trade them all again in the new game+ if anyone can think of anything to add to the checklist, please write them here so people will know what to do before ending their first playthrough
  8. god i hate this patch.. ive been using elite knight armor...and it gets nerfed i use the lightening spear for most attacks...and it gets nerfed i relied on the crystal ring shield to make the ornstein and smough fight bearable...and it gets nerfed and the pyromancy flame was my saving grace from tough enemies...and it gets nerfed iron flesh is the only reason i beat the stray demon...and it gets nerfed and to top it all off, i hate the "victory achieved" message "you defeated" was just so much more badass i have no idea how ill survive NG+ now...
  9. aww, damn. i liked the support he gave to what little story we're given. this game is so fantastic
  10. so i just rang the 2nd bell of awakening, and when i went into the new londo ruins to search around, the crestfallen warrior runs up and starts attacking me. is that normal? did i do something to piss him off?
  11. when i try to get back to the back through the history the page says "code already used"
  12. the browser isnt the problem. i dont know how to get back to the page with the downloads from the collectors edition. if i go to the redeem site "www.preparetodie.com/ce" it asks for the download code...which i already put in. so i have no way to access the content again
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