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  1. Damaged Hide (Common) Animal skin, weathered and torn.It’s unsalvageable. Donkey Hoof (Common) The hoof of a donkey.He-Haw, He-Haw. Empty Amphora (Common) Despite this amphora being empty, a strong smell emanates from within. Fancy Necklace (Common) This expensive-looking jewelry will interest any merchant. Fresh Cabbage (Common) A delicious cabbage that would be well in soup if that’s what you’re into. Fresh Fish (Common) This large, fresh fish was caught today straight from the Aegean. Garden Peas (Common) Several vibrant green pods of fresh peas that make for deliciously sweet snacks. Goat Cheese (Common) For a simple meal, some goat cheese and a salad is a fine way to start. Green Apple (Common) Green apples provide amazing health benefits and should be eaten daily. Golden Statue (Legendary) A small statue made of solid gold. Hammer (Common) A solid hammer like this is used for shaping metals at a forge or for re-shaping faces in battle. Hound Claws (Common) The long, sharp claws of a hound. Hound Skull (Common) The skull of a vicious hound. Ibex Horn (Common) Growing in popularity as a sculpting material. Jar of Honey (Common) A small jar of nature’s sweetest liquid, honey. Lavender (Common) Lavender is a vibrant flower with a pleasing scent. Leopard Fang (Common) The fang of a leopard. Leopard Fur (Rare) The exotic, spotted fur of a leopard. Lion Claw (Common) The claw of a lion. Lion Fang (Rare) The fang of a lion. Lion Mane (Common) The mane of a mighty lion. Lost Key (Common) An iron key that likely opens a door or a chest somewhere. Lynx Claw (Common) The claw of a Lynx. Lynx Fang (Rare) The fang of a Lynx. Mercenary Clue (Epic) The note contains detailed information on the tracked mercenary. Miltos (Rare) A rare and valuable material that was highly sought after by Athens, and found on the island of Keos. Minoan Artifact (Legendary) An ancient Artifact of the Minoan people. This rare object will be worth a lot of drachmae to the right people. Minotaur Hoof Elixir (Common) This elixir, made entirely of ground-up Minotaur hoof, is completely guaranteed to cure any problem.But wait, there’s more… Obsidian Eye (Legendary) The cyclops always took a liking to the finer things in life. What then, was as extravagant as an obsidian eye? Ornamented Earrings (Common) Small earrings, decorated with rare gems. Pig's Tail (Common) Small curly tail of a pig. Pouch of Drachmae (Legendary) A small bag containing drachmae. Raw Meat (Common) Large piece of raw meat, perfect for cooking. Red Apple (Common) Red apples are considered sacred to the Goddess Aphrodite and are often used as a declaration of love. Rotten Meat (Common) The smell of this meat is enough to make you retch.It’s not suitable for consumption. Rusty Labrys (Common) An old, rusty labrys that will probably break on the next swing. Rusty Mace (Common) A rusty mace, too damaged to use. Rusty Sword (Common) A rusty sword, too damaged to use. Shark Fin (Rare) A popular soup ingredient. Shark Teeth (Epic) The razor-sharp teeth of a shark. Shiny Bracelet (Common) Expensive-looking metal bracelet. Shiny Ring (Common) A ring of a precious metal. Sullied Rag (Common) An old rag that’s stained beyond recognition.It requires a serious wash. Torch (Common) A wooden stick with an oil-soaked rag on the end. Unidentified Hand (Common) This hand once belonged to someone.Who knows why it was removed? Used Clay Tablet (Common) A contract to kill someone who strangely matches your description. Used Knife (Common) This used knife might be old, but its blade is still quite sharp. Viper Fang (Common) The fang of a poisonous viper. Wheat (Common) This wheat is a rich and vibrant gold color.It must have been harvested from Arkadia. Wolf Fang (Common) The fang of a wolf.
  2. Updated 11/12/2018. I thought this list might be helpful for anyone who is collecting one of each item in their Trade Goods inventory. I will update this post as I discover new items. Cheers- There are four levels of rarity in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. They are distinguishable by the items' background color. Common: Grey Rare: Blue Epic: Purple Legendary: Gold "Goo-Werry" (Common) The “goo-werry” looks as pretty as it sounds. Antlers (Common) Majestic antlers from a deer. Artaxerxes’s Treasure (Legendary) Riches beyond imagination are inside this chest. Artist Contract (Common) This contract describes the hiring of an artist by the archons to paint propaganda on Naxos. Barley Crops (Common) Barley is a common grain that’s used in soups, stews, and most importantly, for paying off the Spartans. Bear Fang (Common) A large bear fang.It’s still sharp. Bear Fur (Rare) Keeps you warm in the cold of winter. Boar Hoof (Common) The hoof of a boar. Boar Tusk (Rare) Long ivory tusks. Bread (Common) A crusty bread ideal for a light meal. Broken Armguards (Common) An unusable pair of broken metal armguards. Broken Helmet (Common) It’s barely holding together.It will offer no protection. Broken Scepter (Common) Once a great fighting weapon.Can still be used in a fire pit. Broken Shield (Common) This aging shield was shattered after a terrible impact of some kind. Broken Spear (Common) These are the remains of a once-great Spartan spear.The pieces are fairly worthless. Chicken Egg (Common) The question of “which came first” between the chicken or the egg is a strong debate amongst Greek philosophers. Chisel (Common) A chisel like this is often used to cut or shape wood, stone, and other hard materials. Clay Bowl (Common) This small bowl is made from clay and is perfect. Clay Cup (Common) This cup appears to be part of a matching set. Cow Hoof (Common) The hoof of a cow.
  3. I took advantage of Xbox 360 games with gold today and bought the game with both DLC -- very cheap bundle. Does anyone see this game as a backwards compatible title in the future?
  4. Nice! I haven't delved too deep into this game's menu yet...do collectables provide any sort of in game unlocks?
  5. Awesome storytelling and tie in right after Return of the Jedi. Fresh perspective from the Imperial side! I've been toggling both third and first person, and find the majority of time in single player I use First person camera. Multiplayer exact opposite...third person view Really glad this game has finally arrived. Also happy EA is actually listening to fans and tweaking multiplayer options ($) based on feedback. Graphics are also dope. Anyone find any Easter eggs yet?
  6. This feature sucks -- with so many collectables, it becomes a grindy achievement. Plus I love loading certain levels just to mess around on. I hope this game gets updated and level select added.
  7. Now that this is confirmed...what titles should make their way to the Xbox One?
  8. Anyone willing to give me the viral achievement, World Domination? Thanks.
  9. I like this new feature, its refreshing.
  10. As of today, the purchase hints (cost) are as follows: x5 .99 x12 $1.99 x25 $3.99 infinite $4.99
  11. Great game, really enjoyed the story and art direction.
  12. Looking to boost as much as I can, on Xbox One. Dedicated booster, message me...gamertag is Yutani. Thanks.
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