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  1. I swear, I almost banned you and deleted your post as spam, just out of habit. If you had put this in the Age of Empires forum, I wouldn't have even looked at the user at this point... Ban a dozen posts like this every night and it just becomes second nature. Our spammers seem to really want people to buy Samsung stuff....
  2. GT: Capn Doug XBA Game: Fable Heroes Monopoly Deal (X1) Final Achievement: World Champion I want those ones.
  3. I wrote this a few years back: So... yeah... I remember X-Wing... I miss X-Wing... I think it has since come out on Steam or Gog or something, but a nice shiny remake is badly needed. It's not the games from last gen that need to be remade. It's the games that have not been available for years that need to be remade.
  4. Essentially this was precedent set in one of the previous completion competitions. I think it might even go back to the original completion competition. It was decided that since Microsoft considers DLC as part of the game, if you were to do a check at the end of the round to count completions, the game that had DLC added would not register as complete without the DLC achievement having also been unlocked. This is a rule that also prevents people from being able to essentially get double or even triple credit for the same game.
  5. So... this starts after the Olympics is over, right? And before Civilization VI comes out? I can see a hole in my schedule to put up some completions...
  6. Please use our Sessions Feature or see this thread to find a co-op partner.
  7. http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=162414 http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showthread.php?t=567510 I think these threads have the answers that you are looking for. Once you've done that, you can find the ability to add these things by clicking the user cp button at the top of the forums.
  8. We do not allow discussions on clans on these forums. This is taken from our Code of Conduct: "Clan Discussion We do not allow clan discussion/recruitment/advertising, etc. on this site. If you are looking for a clan, please look elsewhere."
  9. Occasionally people will lose Gamerscore due to a glitch in Xbox.com, but given that you seem to have lost every achievement that you had earned on the 360 and only kept some achievements on the One, it seems that, yes, your Gamerscore was reset because you were caught cheating in one way or another. There is a forum on Xbox.com where you can ask the Policy Enforcement Team about your ban. I would suggest you seek more information there.
  10. No, it's a fair question and I know it has been asked before. But I think the general consensus is that so long as you did a reasonable amount of work while you were on staff, your club stays. If you never pulled your weight and you were removed for that reason, your club probably won't stick around, even if there are people with the award besides you. I can't say there is a hard and fast rule on it, though. There's only one other person that I can think of who might have had a club removed, but they were kicked off staff long before the club came about, so it was not an issue. No, I won't name the name.
  11. There are exceptions. I know there has been at least one staff club that was removed for reason I won't go into and a few clubs have been updated for retired staff. Heck, Minty didn't even make his club, it was made for him since he was still technically staff when the clubs launched.
  12. When I was working for Sony, they actually told us to try and get people to buy a stand alone blu ray player even if they had a PS3. Basically because the stand alone players booted up faster. But for most, it goes like this: If I didn't have a blu ray player on my console, I probably would not own a blu ray player. It's not something that is important enough to me to go and buy a specific device for.
  13. The passport was a strange thing, not sure what they were going for with that one. And if that was the point that he was trying to make, then saying "flip phone" or something would not have elicited an argument. But when you start to make it about brand preference and treating it he same way that they treat religion, then you start getting arguments. That being said, I tend to differentiate the device from the content. The blackberry device is what I actually need. If I need to upgrade again, I might get the PRIV or whatever it's called, since it supposedly has access to the Android App store. For further comment, I refer you back to my "dicking around" story.
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