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  1. Operation Star Power: All the Rave is the perfect mission to farm for boombots. It's the first gaunt mission, so you head to the club, and talk to the bouncer, then you drive about 30 seconds up the street and into the two garages. Investigate the two cars, and then a bunch of enemies will spawn, along with 8 boombots...Simply kill the 8 boombots, then hit menu (or start ) and restart from checkpoint, this will bring you back to the front of the club after talking to the bouncer, simply drive back to the garage, inspect the two cars again, and then rinse and repeat... Also, I'd like to point out, you HAVE TO shoot the boombots, if they self-destuct themselves, this will not count towards your contract, so be wary. For a contract regarding boombots, where it asks for 60 of them, it would take roughly 7 1/2 times to get the allotted amount. I've been getting a lot more swarmtroopers by doing legion lairs. Many times, if you have a room that asks you to kill all enemies, roughly 30% of the enemies are swarmtroopers. 50% are Helltroopers, and the 20% is some other random enemy (Boombots, Snipetroopers, etc)
  2. GT: Wildboy Wiley Game: The Surge Thanks for the chance!
  3. How exactly did you download the DLC? I've searched everywhere I can in the Windows Store, and still have come up empty. EDIT: I actually logged into the Microsoft store in my browser and found it in there, I was able to open up the Banned Footage pages (Clicked a link, opened Windows Store), now I'm met with "This App will not work on your device"
  4. I rated it a 4... I already have the 1000 gamerscore unlocked for it, took two days...All the achievements are pretty simple, Veteran isn't near as hard this time around as it was on the xbox 360 version, and the mile High Club achievement is very doable, practice makes perfect.
  5. So let me get this straight... I worked my ass off to complete the DLC's, got all three crowns, got the kings crown with the special ability to not go hollow, but the power itself does not transfer over to NG+??? What the fuck was the point of completing all this shit if I can't even go into a new game with it...? I swear to god, this development team is a bunch of fucking idiots with no fucking logic.... Not to mention all the bugs in Dark Souls 2 that still remain, and their just like, "Fuck it, let's just make Dark Souls 3...."
  6. Shadows of Evil is possibly the worst Zombies map I've ever played.... Aside from being way too big, by round 9 there's so much shit coming at you its so hard to focus on who or what to kill.. The Margwas are fucking stupid...I thought this game mode was called ""zombies"", not Where the Wild Things Are
  7. The campaign story of this game is complete and utter crap...I'm a little confused why the game was called "Black Ops 3", because the only relativity I see in that case is the brief mentions of [spoiler=name] Raul Menendez [spoiler=poison] nova six [spoiler=obvious] and the mind control experiments the CIA were doing This story was very disappointing. :\
  8. I'm upset to see there's not a 10th prestige achievement like there is on the 360 version....Oh well.
  9. When I go to Xbox One achievements on the site here, and go to "C", there is already a listing for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, I don't know if these are officially listed or not, but they are there... http://www.xboxachievements.com/game/call-of-duty-black-ops-3-xbox-one/achievements/
  10. So, are we just not allowed to record clips or take screenshots while playing this game or something...? Is it just not in the game right now, or was it left out for some reason....Kind of annoying when I get a badass gold star on a hard song and I can't even gloat it to my friends.
  11. Okay, here i thought this map was based off the map with the giant robots walking around, and the tanks (basing off the name alone), but apparently it's based off the actual other map from [email protected] to know...
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