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  1. If anyone wants to play then message me. The netcode is pretty bad so it's best suited for people in the same region. IE: USA vs USA, Europe vs Europe etc. I'm in Canada btw. SO message me if you want to try to play online. AcidGlowx
  2. Message me if anyone wants to play AcidGlowx
  3. If anyone wants to go for Gold Skulls then add/message me. AcidGlowx
  4. Since Nov 29, 2018. If you didn't know the news than now you know. Any anyone is looking for people to play with then add me. GT: AcidGlowx
  5. Need 1 more for Strength of our Alliance. Send a message to: Acidglowx
  6. Looking for OP8 sandhawk SMGs of fire, shock, corrosive norfleet fire legendary cat class mod GT: AcidGlowx xbox360
  7. Looking for ppl to do OP8 farming on any dlc. AcidGlowx xbox360
  8. So I had supported avp on 360 for 5 years by playing and making videos for that game. I reached 1000 recorded multiplayer matches cause I loved that game. So back in 2010 there was a balance patch that console players never got. I only read about it but finally i got a chance to try it out on Steam. Here's my review and thoughts on the Balance Patch that console players never got to experience.
  9. As you guys know, the game and all its content is delisted as of 2015. If anyone out there managed to buy all the dlc packs and still wants achievements or would like to join us for a 4 player co op playthrough for "old times", you can add/message me on xbox. Would like to try the co-op cause i never got to try it online due to this dlc being released over a year after the game's release.. GT: AcidGlowx
  10. Ever tried it? I had alot of fun on it with friends.
  11. Too bad ppl say "add me" instead of just adding the person above.. lol.. Oh well I guess.. I haven't checked the forums in like 8 months.. So here's how much fun I had recently from someone who DID add me.
  12. Here's a video to explain the new stuff in Reaper of Souls if you just want to see the difference from ROS and the normal Diablo 3 game.
  13. I still play with people but only for multiplayer fun, not boosting. Add me if you wanna play for FUN! =D GT:AcidGlowx Canada EST with a Mic
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