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    Zoology student by day, unemployed philosopher by night. Like a BBC4 super-hero.
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  1. Best Picture: - The Hurt Locker Best Director: - Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker) Best Actor: - Morgan Freeman (Invictus) Best Actress: - Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) Best Supporting Actor: - Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds) Best Supporting Actress: - Mo'Nique (Precious) Best Original Screenplay: - The Hurt Locker Best Adapted Screenplay: - Precious Best Animated Feature: - Disney/Pixar's Up
  2. I hope you were joking, because I'm laughing
  3. According to the link it's a web only release in promotion of Dead Rising 2. So I guess that's why it looks so utterly shit.
  4. Felt that the first two seasons were the best, straddled the gap of realism and drama quite nicely. They lost that for me in the new series, got a bit too ridiculous. Still the best teen drama out there mind. The first episode was a bit of a let down, anyone else think they were bit rich with the generalisations of Thomas, his family and the church? Still, even at it's worst Skins is still worth watching for the writing alone. And for Uberviking, there is tits and there's teen romance. So it's a win for fans of Hollyoaks and the bedroom masturbaters.
  5. Agreed, Chris Evans is blandness personified and just felt awkward to have Dakota Fanning as a wise-cracking 13 year old.
  6. I think by the fact that E4 haven't stated on the sub-site (http://www.e4.com/cleveland/index.html) they don't even know yet. But it is a terrible program none the less.
  7. Hate to get into plugging territory here but a good program for making little shitty flash style games is Game Maker (see http://www.yoyogames.com/gamemaker/) I managed to make something involving Kris Akabusi eating fruit (http://www.zshare.net/download/709199577db388dd/) so it can't be too challenging.
  8. What happened to this thread? People are already back on their high horses over books? You can't ever quantify someone's intelligence just on their life choices. End of discussion. Euvel wins my link of the day award. Your prize is in the post.
  9. Only about half of UK graduates get a job related to their degree I remember reading. So just because you can get your, for example, photography qualification doesn't mean you won't be working in the supermarket afterwards.
  10. That's Rupert Murdoch for you really, not a big fan of his ways. Especially what he's done to televised sports over here in the UK, it's an absolute joke the amount of money Sky Sports costs whichever way you look at it (Getting a dish, online, through the 360, etc). Yet there's no alternative.
  11. Loose ones, plastic ones mainly. Just freak me out, can't touch them. I tend to only wear t-shirts as well because of it. I've met other people with it so it's not overly freaky. No idea why I'm like it though.
  12. I personally have koumpounophobia (google it). Not severe, but it's quite bad. I just avoid them and get on with my life. Each to there own though, facing it and shrinks are all there if you need them but at the end of the day people are afraid a lot of different things so there's no point feeling bad about it.
  13. This should be a disclaimer at the start of any thread about smoking, drinking or anything contentious. Great posting.
  14. How about First Day Fireman. You play a fireman in a Game & Watch clone where you have to catch cats that fall out of a tree and avoid branches. Then certain things will bounce if you avoid them, fall at a different rate, or the tree changes size, etc.
  15. Apologies for blundering in halfway through a discussion. I'm like the pet cat that you turn round and see mid-way through love-making. That moment where you're not sure if it's too weird to kill the passion or not. Anyway, I tend to smoke when I drink. I like to get my two addictions out the way simultaneously. When I do smoke I usually go for Marlboro Lights or a rollie.
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