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    RIP Samsung Focus 04/11 - 12/11. Went back to android but might be back if it gets the app support.
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  1. Back right pocket. Unless I'm going out drinking then it is two 20s for cover and my ID and a credit card. I have both a work phone and personal phone in both my front pockets.
  2. Liked it much better than the first. OMG did that first after credit scene look super cheesy. It will really surprise me if I end up liking Guardians of the Galaxy. The mask he dark elves wore in Thor reminded me a bit of power rangers.
  3. I played it at Comic Con and cancelled my preorder. Feels like a launch game alright and will probably be one of the first marked down to the 9.99 and below used mark. I like the Dynasty Warrior games so mashing the same buttons is something I have fun with but I was bored of the demo after 30 minutes.
  4. Wish they would have announced this sooner. I am trading mine in so I won't have it anymore for the Xbox One version for 9.99. I was going to rebuy it during a b2 g1 sale somewhere or deal where it is 39.99 or cheaper since I doubt any of my friends will get an Xbox One this year.
  5. A bit bored with it already and went back to Black Flags single player. I was disappointed with that squads and the customization options. Expected a bit more. Did the camera with Prestige Edition come with instructions because I didn't see them? Probably look again when I wake up. I almost broke it last night by pulling on random parts because I thought I had to put in batteries in it but guess the battery is rechargeable and built in unless I am missing something. I didn't even know they made usb cords so small.
  6. Xbox friends is enough. There is a gamefaqs thread with over 100 people that I have been helping. I have the android pp if you want to add me but I am almost done with the game but I'll speed you up until I am.
  7. Can add me for help speeding up ships. I don't care for multiplayer but should be playing this for about another week.
  8. I figured she was a girl, most the guys have a bit of stubble. I think she looked better as the guy though lol.
  9. Go to single player hit, start, go to the online tab, then play gta v online (forget wording) next option should have solo mode. Lamar is easy so I recommend betting max against him.
  10. I don't mind them. I bought the BF3 shortcuts because I didn't want to play the game a lot but wanted to play seldom with friends. I put less than 30 hours into the game and no desire to play more. I might bite on GTA 5's only because I doubt I will play it much once the new systems come out. Plus I'll get to piss of my friends by "cheating" with real money. I don't do anything in video games that require grinding anymore especially if it isn't that fun to do so. I'll just work over at my job an hour and it will get me over what several hours of game play will unlock.
  11. Ok try this. Worked for my second xbox. Delete the all the dlc for GTA V from the hard drive then clear cache after and try again. You can redownload it later which I haven't because I am scared it won't work again but after about 5 tries I tried it and it read the first time after.
  12. Exchange the game. I had to do it twice. I knew it wasn't my 360 because after the second time that it didn't work I had my friend bring over their copy. It installed and worked just fine. First time disc 2 was unreadable and second time both were unreadable. Third time the disc worked just fine. Looks like a some more people had a problem.
  13. I tried to get off work but couldn't. I probably should have given the boss a better excuse than "I want to play GTA5 all day" Though he did give me a half day and approved my Wednesday personal day. I won't get the game until about 2 in the afternoon.
  14. Play about two hours worth of missions then just go on a rampage. Pretty much what I do with every GTA.
  15. Shadowrun Returns. I am still not sure if I like it after ten hours of gameplay.
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