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  1. I agree man, well worth it. I also go it when it was first released but stopped because it was buggy as hell, It's been updated since then so I'm gonna go back to it and get the 200G
  2. Just downloaded the new patch and Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode DLC, loaded up my lvl 50 character and found out that not only have I got the Badass reset glitch but many of my legendaries are gone too. I just thought I'd warn you all incase this happens you. As of now, I am officially done with this game forever.
  3. 1200 is fine with me, I'm not bothered about the price, game is fantastic on the PC so I expect the consoles to be no different.
  4. Damn, I was hoping it would be out sooner, I won't be able to play it properly till the 1st.
  5. I picked up Terraria for the PC a while back, so when I heard that it was being released on consoles I was actually pretty excited about it and I know I'll play it a lot more on the xbox than I did on PC. Anyway, I haven't really heard any news of a release date yet, when will it be out?
  6. It's probably because the DLC isn't actually out yet.
  7. Sorry, I actually meant the cheat passwords, like unlimited health etc. Edit: Actually some cheats appear to be bogus, perhaps they're just fake.
  8. Just picked this game up (Loved it when I was a kid) and I'd just like to know if inputting any of the passwords disable achievements? Thanks.
  9. I noticed in the Great Hall that there is an extra door you can go through that leads to another level of the game (Next to level select in the Great Hall when you first start the game). I can't finish it at the moment. I think you need to collect all the blueprints to unlock each battery for your IDS. I'm Blueprint hunting this minute. I must see what this next level has in store. Has anyone else discovered this and/or completed it yet it? EDIT: I found the blueprints which unlocked the batteries I needed. It turns out this extra door leads to Quadwrangle's R & D Lab, unfortunately after a thorough searching it seems its just a play area to test out some game mechanics. Also there is one Collectable located there. Thats it. I'm quite disappointed, I loved the game but it was a bit too short for me.
  10. I dont see why they wouldn't make it more, I mean Minecraft on PC has hundreds of players at once. I dont think 8 players would do it justice.
  11. You need to look for Louis Merse. He is the one who paid you for completing the nekker and endrega contracts. Usually you'll find him in his house or sleeping in his bed. Go to his desk and you'll find the mail box, but you'll still need the key. Talk to him and persuade him to give you the key, open the box and place the reports. The quest should update after that.
  12. Just finished the single player, I haven't touched Coop yet so if anyone has finished Coop and wants the Professor Portal achievement give me a shout. I'm also looking for someone to help me get all the online achievements too. GT: CraigChaotic
  13. It's a bear going to stand on its back legs. You Fail!
  14. Yeah,the same thing happens to me! Im ether stuck in a lobby unable to connect to a match or i find one and it wont F***ing start! Then after leaving it glitches at a screen saying press A but when i press it nothing happens so i need to dashboard it.
  15. Game.co.uk has King of Fighters XII for Pre-Order for £39.99 go Order it NOW! The Release date is 28/8/09 a month after the U.S! Link -- http://www.game.co.uk/Xbox360/Fighting/~r342943/King-of-Fighters-XII/?s=King%20of%20Fighters%20XII EDIT: Sorry for the misspelling of Pre-Order in the title,its a easy mistake to make.
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