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  1. Same here, impossible to play that mission if you can't place enough buildings
  2. I hope so, since they are releasing the same, just with 101 on the back. You're getting them too?
  3. I guess you're also waiting for the last few missing bobbleheads?
  4. You also can dashboard to save your lives. Just dashboard if you know you gonna lose.
  5. Hey guys, Maybe someone knows help for this. I came across a strange glitch. I played the game and a mission appeared where other bases were under attack. When I arrived there and killed all zombies the conversation stopped in the middle of it and after that I can't start conversations with my home base members or anyone else. Neither I can access my save house storage for getting any new weapons or repairing old ones. Anyone know how to fix this? Reloading or restarting the game didn't help for me :-/
  6. It's saying after you purchased the ability for each character in the app that it will rank up 50% faster. But I don't see anything ranking up faster for the characters I purchased the "buffs"
  7. Hey guys, Does anyone of you play with the companion app of evolve and see any progress for it ingame after linking the accounts and purchasing upgrades
  8. Add me If You Samba Boost some achievements and lvl up Progress. Gt: ShortyTHEone
  9. I think its ridiculous that you need the name te top answer in round 4 were you need to guess. Got 100% correct, but that round ruined it for me!
  10. Had the same "problem" but it solved it itself short after, because it was hidden under a book to collect, which made the soul cluster nearly invisible
  11. You know that you need to solve the text game itself after collecting all the text files?
  12. Story achievements are glitched for Many People i Met on here and many more I met on Facebook. How could you not mention that? That's more then 10 achievements worth 250 gs or so :-o
  13. Epic flight quest also works the other way round and is easier to land
  14. I Didn't even play SRIV on 360. So I doubt it has anything to do with te 360 version
  15. The grenade launcher and the minigun popped for me without any tracking. But the minigun popped while using the flamethrower, so I now don't know which to play, go on with flame or switch to minigun //edit: how you managed to get the story achievements ?
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