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  1. If someone could buy my $1000 vinyl that would be awesome. Ill return the favour, too. I think you can just search for a gamertag but if not PM me when I'm online and we'll get it done there and then
  2. Grief, I've just remembered about that video I did. That's already quite a long time ago, I did a media course in college and hopefully that's paid off. The vid isn't the best of qualities xD
  3. Yeah, that was the wort bit about it. You'd get a hundred of what seems to be the rarest one, which you only need a couple of and it would take aerators to get the rest. I've not really gotten into Borderlands 2, but I sure hope they don't put any achievements into it like this!
  4. Oh, I know that, I was just getting a little confused. You don't have to think about it, it's simple. Nuketown in 2025. lol
  5. I've not experienced this myself, but am sure I've seen someone else saying the same thing. They didn't say what picture pack it was, but the issue they described is exactly the same. Unfortunately they didn't speak of any fix, they were just asking the same question as you, whether anybody else had experienced it or not, sorry.
  6. You don't really want to be tampering with the firewall. At the end of the day it's there to stop hacking attempts. I used to have my Xbox in a DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) which was outside of the firewall. I had to remove it from the DMZ and bring it back into the router because I was receiving about 20-30 e-mails per day of constant gaming about hacking attempts. Whether they were due to somebody directly attempting to hack, or something went rouge, that's not good. Simply follow the instructions Xbox give you by opening up the ports correctly and hey presto. Occasionally you'll need to reset it via your Xbox by choosing "Restore Factory Defaults" in the Xbox Network Settings menu, or restart your router, but it will open the NAT for you. Trust me, I was battling a strict NAT since I started playing and it wasn't until recently I decided to listen to the Xbox.com link and now I'm running on an open NAT for just opening those ports.
  7. It certainly looks like it is from GAME. I've never heard of the nuketown though, I've not really played blops that much, or COD really for a while.
  8. I recently used this from the Xbox website: (http://support.xbox.com:80/en-US/xbox-live/connecting/nat-type-strict) As long as you follow it exactly you'll end up getting the NAT open. When you test the network connection, if it doesn't tell you it is either moderate or strict (it won't bring up an error message at all) your NAT will be open. Some games, such as MW2 I believe, will also tell you your NAT type in the menus which is another easy way to know.
  9. Hey guys thanks for the replies. So, if I were to just get into the vehicle I own and set my target on an n-Forcer in the car list is would work and direct me to the chop shop?
  10. Hello, I've got 100% but am still doing the car delivery missions. I need to find a Stag N-Forcer but haven't found one. I thought they chase you when you have a certain police notoriety. Maybe I was wrong. Do you know how/where I can get one? Cheers
  11. Eghh, I can't seem to get that to work. It's not all bad though, I have to do another run through for the act completion alternative achievements (I was an idiot and didn't multi be everything ) so I'll get the rest of the collectible on this run through and just do another play though to mop up the rest.
  12. The jokes on me. I just got Fallout 3 in the DotW. It downloaded the DLC with it too. Microsoft are refusing a refund, but they're going to get back to me about the situation. I spoke to customer support, then a supervisor, and then team leader. I'm outraged! But still chuckling... O_o
  13. Looks like their database has a few incorrect entries. Is it still happening?
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