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  1. Still broke. Just found out. All data packs downloaded. Going to try delete and re-download. Update: The game and the DLC bit through the dashboard said I had the packs downloaded. Went to my hard drive and found they were either corrupt or incomplete. Deleted all and downloaded through the dashboard. Works now.
  2. Sure, you could wait until you get to level 90, unlock Starchy, and play through the Nightosphere; but I'd rather go through it once for the 50 lvl achievement and make the game easier well before 90. I think it also makes you immune to certain curses.
  3. To get the token you have to die 2 or 3 times in the dungeon before Princess Bubblegum gives it to you. Unfortunately, you have to use it (because you can't unequip it) and it takes up 2 slots. However, I found a bit of a glitch that allows you to continually collect them without doing anything: Once she gives it to you attempt to enter the dungeon and stop at the token screen. Press B and pick yes to cancel. Enter again and your sweater count should go up. Repeat. This might not work every time. I tried this at level 81 and it's working perfect. May be useful later on. Got an update for the game and now it doesn't seem to work. Decided to give it another go to because I died trying other characters. Now it's stuck on easy mode the whole time, which means I can only play Finn. Only have to do the 50 levels though, so it's not terrible. Final update: got an email back from Wayforward "This is actually not a glitch, and functioned this way prior to the update. If you obtained the Heart Sweater from Princess Bubblegum, you have to beat the last boss in the story mode to remove it. If you obtain it after completing the game, you have to re-beat the final boss (Floor 100). It will not remove when playing in the Nightosphere. You can later obtain unlimited Heart Sweater's by completing all of Starchy's quests but those ones can be enabled/disabled in the Token screen." Too late, for me though, maxed it last weekend. After all that, it works fine until you beat floor 100. Don't need it after that anyway.
  4. Turbo controller. Another game it saves your life on. Sometimes it wouldn't work with Mika, no idea why.
  5. Same just happened to me. Stuck loading at the boss fight level 4. I don't think I have it in me to get all my shit back. Almost done with the game too. Very surprised to see it finally worked. After the fourth try of dashboard and reloading it finally happened. If it didn't work that time, I would have scrapped it; game is very much not worth any more of my time.
  6. http://www.easyxbox360achievements.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=563:dark-messiah-of-might-a-magic-elements&catid=39:glitches-that-unlock-achievements&Itemid=72 Direct link
  7. As someone who has maxed the first game, and still enjoys it, I can tell you this is typical. The game freezes at random times; starting the game, going into the menu, during a game, after a game. They may be working on a patch, but judging by past experience (Naughty Bear DLC) it may not work or may make things worse. Naughty Bear is one of my favorite games and I will defend it to the death, but it is no where near being a properly well made game.
  8. Same thing just happened to me. By the looks of it, you have to get 3rd or 4th in qualification to be dropped into the Master Cup rather than Championship. Going to give it a try and see what happens. Post my finds once I get there. In the league table for EU Championship I got 4th and now am in the Masters Cup. So, to get into the Masters Cup you have to be 3rd or 4th in the group stage.
  9. DcupsOfJustice


    Yep. Playing it now.
  10. One of my last pins that I don't have and can't figure out why I don't have it and how to get it. Can anyone help? Did the quest for Moody in taking pictures, so they did not go exploring. Every other pin they sell you I bought from Becca. Wild Frontier Pin Visit : 2 Disney Gulch Player rescues Rigger from Spatters in the Gulch. Paint This is my last pin and last achievement. Desperate to find this and be done with this game. Nevermind, somehow got the Clarabelle quest to start (even though I did the costumes for Ian and got the pirate as the assistant). Got her the costumes, quest complete, she gave me something and got the Master Pin Collector and still says 175 of 176 pins. Finally glitched in my favor after Perfectionist glitched even though I did all the quests.
  11. Can anyone tell me how to get it? I can not figure out how to get under the Crow's Nest. Nest Egg Pin Visit : 3 Ventureland Found in red chest under Crow's Nest; for Spirit of Discovery. Paint Under the crows nest is in ventureland. Go up the lift. There are three buildings, each has a electric rod. Oswald did one of them for me, I had to 2nd controller the other two. One all 3 are "on" go to the mast in the center, walk around and the chest should be there. - taken from what Fancy Bacon had told me.
  12. I can't buy any more in the pin shop. Anyone know where else I can buy the ones I am missing? Already bought all the ones in Mean Street North and South, between the two areas in Bog easy, the ghost in Bog Easy, and Tiki Sam's. This is really pissing me off. Only need one for the last Spirit, which is some damn hat that looks like the other two hat pins. Really don't want to start this game a eighth time. There was one place I remember I needed to buy some but didn't have enough to buy any, but after visiting the ones I mentioned, I can't find any. Hope someone can help get this damn thing finished. Also, did the quest of taking pictures for Moody so they didn't go exploring. Nevermind, found a few a need but still 4 short. Wild Frontier, Nest Egg, Hockety Pockety Wockety Wack, and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo.
  13. Nope. Tells you when you try to start a new game that it deletes everything. Lame. Hoping to finally get this done on my 7th.
  14. I haven't had a problem with it...yet. This game is glitchy, perfectionist did it for me. You have to paint his house and take the picture. Make sure the Mickey face is green when you do it and it should work, should. Then bunnies outside, then the statue, then the Ostown sign and you're done.
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